Holiday Gifts for the K-cup Coffee Lover in Your Life

Posted on Thu, Nov 15, 2012

Can you believe it is already November?  Time is flying, before we know it, the holidays will be here.  It is time to start our hunt of thoughtful gifts for our family and friends!  Cross Country Cafe is here to help.  Through the last-minute in December we will be running this new series of posts sharing great coffee lover gifts and where to buy them… could we make it any easier for you?!


This weeks gift recommendation is a Keurig K-cup storage rack or carousel.

We have three available on our website that I would like to highlight,  they will be in order of coolness : )

1) Cool

The Keurig Kcup Lazy Susan Carousel


The Lazy Susan carousel is sleek and stylish as well as functional.  This unit hold 27 delicious K-cups creating a great variety to choose from.  Designed to sit on your counter,  the look compliments any Keurig brewer nicely. Simple, functional an attractive,  a perfect gift for friends and family who are using the Keurig K-cup system.

2) Cooler

The K-cup Lazy Susan Tower


The Keurig K-cup Lazy Susan tower is just as cool as the carousel but, it holds 30 K-cups.  I know 3 more doesn’t sound like a big deal but,  if your household consumes high amounts of coffee as mine does,  you need all of the storage you can get! I also love how well this coordinates with Keurig brewers perfectly.

3) Coolest

The Keurig Kcupboard 


I LOVE this unit.  It is so unique.  This storage system is hand made by an artist in Michigan,  I am a fan of supporting a somewhat local artisan especially when he is producing such a quality product.  The Kcupboard holds a whopping 48 K-cups.  It is a great space saver and can be mounted virtually anywhere.  I can envision it on a backsplash or behind a door utilizing unused space as well as on a cupboard.

If you’re handy, you might even want to add that extra thoughtful touch and make a unit.  Check out the (ultra-cool) K-cup organizer/ chalkboard my friend Amanda made over at


How cute is that?

I promise your Keurig loving gift recipient will be thrilled with any of these units.  They are great gifts because that seem to me to be something you want but,  feel guilty buying for yourself (even though you shouldn’t,  they are very modestly priced).

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