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Posted on Fri, Oct 26, 2012

Have you ever notice that coffee, tea and hot cocoa taste just a little bit better in a great mug?  I for one,  am a fanatic about the mug I drink out of. My morning coffee is my favorite time of day and I want the experience to be perfect in every way.  If I am not pleased with the mug I have chosen,  it takes a bit of joy away from the moment.I am guessing if I feel this way, several of you do as well.  For this reason we are starting a new series of posts at the Cross Country Cafe blog- Show us Your Mug! Each week I will pick a mug picture submitted by a reader, me or simply a cute mug I come across online or in a store.

Let’s get to this weeks mug…submitted by your fellow reader Phillip Henderson.

Phillip writes:

My wife bought this for me because I’m a life-long Green Bay Packers fan.

When people find out that I’m a Packers fan they usually ask, “Did you grow up there?” and I always tell them the same story.  I grew up in Beavercreek Ohio and have never been to Wisconsin but in 3rd grade I had to write a report at school and I decided to write about football.  I did all of my research (in actual encyclopedias!) and found out that the Packers won the first two Superbowl games ever played.  I thought that was really cool (I was easy to impress in 3rd grade) and decided right then that they were my favorite team!  I’ve been a faithful follower ever since.  Whenever I drink from my Packers mug I feel good knowing that I support an organization that is committed to supporting families and their community.

Oh and I love my Keurig B40!  Every morning I get up and make two (fast!) cups of coffee for my wife and I.  It’s so much quicker and quieter than using my french press/hot water pot, which is especially important when my two sons (2 and 7 months) are still asleep!

Thank you Phillip for the great story and mug picture!

Do you have a Packers fan in your life?  I am guessing they would love a special mug just as much as Phillip,  I found a couple of different versions online,  just thought I would help you out with your Christmas shopping… you’re welcome : )

NFL Green Bay Packers 11 Oz Mug – Style 37289

NFL Green Bay Packers Boxed Relief Sculpted Mug

Green Bay Packers Insulated Travel Tumbler Mug 16 oz

I am really enjoying the Show Us Your Mug series of posts.  I don’t know why I have such an affection for great mugs,  I am hoping I am not the only one!  If you have a great mug to share please send it to me at

Go Packers!

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