Keurig K-cup Coffee Review- Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend

Posted on Fri, Aug 23, 2013

daybreak morning blend blend keurig kcup coffeeBack by popular demand- Friday Kcup reviews! Every Friday at Cross Country Cafe we host a flavor review.  Let's face it the selection of K-cups we have to choose from is huge,  how do you pick the right one?  Who wants to buy an entire box and not like it?! Our goal is to describe how the coffee or tea tastes in simple layman's terms so that you can determine if it suits your preferences. Let's get to the review, up this week...Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend.

Daybreak Morning Blend is a light roast Keurig Kcup coffee brought to us by the experts at Caribou.  Yep thats right, you can enjoy the famous coffee shop best right in your own home. This is great news for Caribou patrons in my area, unfortunately, several locations have closed. But, never fear Caribou Keurig Kcups are here!

Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend K-cups are made with a lightly roasted blend of Costa Rican, Guatemalan, Colombian, and just a hint of Ethiopian beans.

This is a  Rainforest Alliance certified coffee. Rainforest Alliance is an amazing organization that makes a positive difference in source farming, the rainforest and tourism through the power of the consumer. Choosing a product with Rainforest Certification ensures sustainability with product origins and practices as well as higher standard of living in those areas. I love products with a purpose and this Keurig Kcup is just one small step towards the hefty goals of the RFA but, every small step counts!

caribou daybreak morning blend keurig kcup coffee in mugI brewed my Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend on the middle setting of my Keurig brewer. Generally, with a light roast Kcup coffee I would choose the lowest water setting but, the Caribou coffee have a fairly heavy body, I knew it could stand up to a little extra water.

It is slightly difficult to see in this photo but, there was some translucency in the cup.  Good news for the light roast drinkers out there!

The smell and taste are very reminiscent of Green Mountain Breakfast Blend with a bit more depth and body.  GM Breakfast Blend has been described as watery by some, for those that agree, this is a great alternative.

The word woodsy comes to mind when I drink this coffee. It has a surprising amount of character and a pleasant lingering, nutty flavor.

I would highly recommend this to light and medium roast lovers.  If dark roast and flavored coffees are your favorite, this is not the Kcup for you.


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