It's Five O'Clock Somewhere- Coffee Cocktails

Posted on Thu, Aug 29, 2013

After dinner coffee cocktails are not only a great way to unwind form your busy day or top off a delicious meal but, they can generally serve as a dessert, they are unique and better yet- taste amazing!

I would like to share a few of my favorites, my recipes are usually made with Keurig Kcup coffee but, you can of course use your favorite brew, whatever that may be! To view the complete recipe simply click on the name of the coffee cocktail. 

Coffee Royale


coffee roayale made with keurig kcup coffee

Coffee Royale is made with a dark roast, extra bold Keurig Kcup coffee, sugar, brandy and heavy whipping cream. 

Simple Coffee Martini


keurig kcup martini in glass

A Simple Coffee Martini is made with Sumatran Reserve Kcup coffee, Baileys Irish Cream and vodka.

Tiramisu Coffee


tiramisu coffee finished

Tiramisu Coffee is made with any extra bold Keurig Kcup coffee, Baileys Irish Cream and Frangelico.

Spicy Eggnog with a Kick

keurig kcup spicy eggnog eggnog with a kick

Spicy Eggnog with a Kick is made with Spicy Eggnog Keurig Kcup coffee, Crown Royale Whiskey and eggnog.

As you can see there are three basic ingredients to a coffee cocktail- coffee of course, liquor and something creamy.  With that in mind, the sky is the limit.  I would like to encourage you to be creative and come up with your own personal favorite coffee cocktail!

Do you have a favorite already, please share : )

P.S. These beverages should be consumed in great moderation and by no means is it ok to drink a cofffee cocktail and get behind the wheel of a car- stay safe my friends.

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