Posted on Thu, Sep 26, 2013

25 ways to reuse coffee mugsI admit it, I am a coffee mug hoarder.  I was so ashamed when I counted this morning and came up with a shocking number. F O R T Y - S E V E N. I have 47 coffee mugs in my cupboard and that does not even include that additional 15 or so fine china tea cups. Apparently, I have a weak spot. They represent places we have been, great times in my life and gifts from friends.  How can I possibly give any of these keepsakes up?  I simply can't.  The only alternative is to find new uses and re-purpose my treasures so that they can remain in my home but, satisfy a need without cluttering my kitchen cabinets. 

I decided to sit down and write down any way I could think of the re-use my precious coffee mugs.  Here is what I came up with:

1) Make them into decorative candles or candle holders.

2) Make mug cakes or one cup cookies. 

3) Turn them into planters for herbs or cuttings.

4) Fill them with chocolate, tea bags, cookies, etc as a gift to a friend.

5) Organize my makeup. I could use them to hold lipstick, eyeliner and makeup brushes.

6) To hold sweetener packets.

7) An oldie but a goody, hold pens and pencils on the desk.

8) Organize the craft room.  They can hold pins, buttons, scissors, paintbrushes, etc.

9) Break them up and turn them the pieces into a mosaic.

10) Use as a template for art or crafting projects.

11) Organize coupons.

12) Use the low, wide cappuccino style mugs for pet bowls.

13) Separate colors while painting.

14) Organize my husbands workbench, the smaller size mugs would be perfect for screws, washers, etc.

15) Hold mens shaving items.

16) Seedling starters.

17) Scoop pet food and other bulk items.

18) Serve dinner sides such as baked beans and applesauce.

19) Store change.

20) Store and organize jewelry.

21) Use as a ladle.

22) Tooth brush holder.

23) Hold silverware.

24) Organize ponytail ties, hair bows, bobby pins and clips.

25) Re purpose into a chandelier or lamp. (Yes, I have high aspirations on this one!)

There you have it 25 alternate uses for coffee and/ or tea mugs.  The sad part is, I could do all 25 and still have 22 mugs left- oh dear. 

Can you help me think of more ideas? What have you used your old coffee mugs for?

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