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Keurig Brewer Comparison

I recently came across a "sale" on Keurig brewers. For the average consumer it looked like a great deal, there was a ton of excitement and the price was slashed to nearly half off according to the retailer.  But, armed with my many years of Keurig experience, I knew that this was no deal at all. The base price was over inflated and the "sale" price was within a few dollars of normal everyday pricing. It was nothing but smoke and mirrors tricking innocent buyers into thinking they were saving hard earned dollars. 

This ticked me off. 

So here I am to give you the knowledge you need to navigate these dirty tactics. I am on a mission to arm you with all the Keurig brewer information you need to make an informed purchase so that these dirty retailers will have one less victim.  

There are five core brewers that you will see on the market.  Let me tell you a little about each one...

*One quick note- Keurig recently transitioned from using a 'B' in their brewer models to a 'K', for example the K10 Mini is the former B10 Mini.*

The K10 or K31 Mini 

K10 Mini Keurig Brewer












The K10 mini is a personal brewer as in, it does not have a water reservoir ready and waiting for you.  When you use the mini, you have to pour water into it before each cup and allow time for it to heat up.  This unit will brew 3 cup sizes and has an auto off feature.  The K10 is only approved for household use.  

You should expect to pay somewhere between $89- $99 for this unit.  If the base price is listed higher then "slashed" for a "sale", you are being dooped. 

The K10 is popular among college students and the because it is available in a wide variety of colors ranging from neon green to slate grey. 

Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System

K45 Elite Keurig brewer












The K45 Elite is the most common brewer. This is the main unit you will see available in retail stores.  The K45 has a removable 48oz water reservoir.  This brewer has 3 cup sizes, offers quiet brew technology and has an auto off feature.  The K45 is only approved for household use. This is an important rule to follow, if your household drinks a high amount of coffee, you should not use this brewer nor should you use it in a commercial setting.  Breaking that rule will void the warranty and decrease the longevity of your brewer. 

You should expect to pay somewhere around $119.99 for this Keurig brewer.  Dont let anyone lie to you and tell you differently.  

This unit can be considered the median when it comes to price and features.

Keurig K-Cup K60/K65 Special Edition & Signature Brewers

K65 Keurig Brewer 











The K60/65 Special Edition was released as a "step up" from the K45, with a few more bells and whistles to make your coffee brewing even more enjoyable.

This unit is programmable, you can set the clock, temperature and auto on/off feature. There are 3 cup sizes, a 60 oz reservoir and quiet brew technology. This unit is also approved for household use only.  

The K65 should be priced between $129.00- $149.00.  

The best feature if this brewer is the programmable on/ off feature.  If that is important to you and you are willing to pay a bit more, then this is the Keurig for you. 

Keurig K75 Single-Cup Home-Brewing System Platinum

K75 Keurig Brewer












The K75 Platinum brewer is a chrome lovin, fancy blue light junkies dream.  It is sleek and modern and looks beautiful in a modern kitchen.  

The K75 offers features galore.  This unit is programmable, has 5 cup size settings, a 72 oz reservoir, quiet brew technology and an auto on/ off feature. This brewer is also approved for household use only. 

It is reasonable for a retailer to ask anywhere from $155.00- $179.99 for this Keurig brewer.

The 12 oz cup size is great on this brewer as well as the large water reservoir however, be warned this unit tends to receive the worst reviews as far as longevity and performance. 

The K145 Office Pro

K145 Office Pro Keurig brewer

I saved the best for last, the K145 Office Pro is a little known secret.  It is not commonly found in retail settings.  This unit is UL approved for use in commercial settings. 

Why should you care? Here is a little snippet from the folks that issue UL approvals:

Products with Commercial Use certification are intended for use in commercial or industrial establishments and are intended for higher cyclical usage.The commercial rating requires a more robust appliance.

The K145 Office Pro is made with a heavier plastic and parts that are intended to be used and abused.  You can tell by looking at it and picking it up that it is made with higher grade materials. 

The K145 Office Pro features chrome accents, 3 cup sizes, a 48 oz removable reservoir, it is drainable, has an energy save mode and an auto off feature.  

The best part is this unit can be purchased for a price near or below the household units previously mentioned.  In general the price for the unit ranges between $129.00- $149.00. 

I hope this helps you steer clear from the low life's out there trying to confuse you with misinformation.  As consumers the best defense we have against such trickery is knowledge. You are now armed and ready to find the perfect Keurig and get the most bang for your buck!

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