Keurig Kcup Pricing- Don't Be Fooled

Posted on Thu, Oct 24, 2013

keurig kcup pricing dont be fooledI recently had a slight fit and shared it with all of you, here we are a week later and I am still irritated.  My first tangent (which you can read here) pertained to false sales on Keurig Kcup brewers.  I am seeing a growing trend of "sales" that are nothing more than an reduction in an over inflated base price.

Earlier this week I came across a "sale" on Keurig Kcup coffee.  The company in question listed their Kcups at what appeared to be slashed pricing. However, upon further inspection I realized that the retail price they had listed was an absurd exaggeration.  They were flat out lying.

I am here to educate you so that you dont fall victim to their tactics.  I see red when it comes to these dirty tricks because it quite simply ruins it for the good guys.  Let's beat them at their own game...with a bit of knowledge we will not be fooled.

Here are a few tips to avoid Keurig Kcup scams:

1) Pay attention to box size.  

This is especially important in retail and grocery stores.  Most of the chains that carry Keurig Kcups sell a 10, 12, 16 or 18 pack.  This can be very confusing.  What appears to be a low price may not be when you consider the per cup cost. Bottom line- do the math.  In general the lowest cost per cup is achieved with a 24 or 96 pack.

2) Know your baseline per Kcup cost.

You should expect to pay anywhere from .50- .90 cents per Keurig Kcup.  The company that I mentioned earlier had their base price listed at 1.04 per Kcup, knowing what I do, that was a red flag.  Oh and by the way, their sale price was .76 per Kcup- I hardly call that a discount. 

3) Look for the Keurig seal.

There are few exceptions to my suggested price range of .50- .90 per Keurig Kcup.  I have seen some shockingly low prices on off brand Kcups.  However, with this comes a huge reduction in quality.  In other words...they are made from junk coffee and taste like it.  Some are even made with instant coffee...gross. 

To be sure that you are not being tricked into buying a sweet deal on cruddy coffee always look for the Keurig seal.  I would recommend that you only buy Kcups that bear the Keurig approval. After all they are KEURIG Kcups.  Trust the experts, look for the seal.  

Coffee is one of life's simple pleasures, not an area to sacrifice quality to save a few pennies.

4) Consider the source. 

There are a few different sources for purchasing Kcup coffee. You can buy from Keurig directly, authorized distributors, retail and grocery stores and renegades.  Renegades sell through fly by night web sites and through third parties such as Amazon.  

I highly recommend avoiding the renegade sellers even if their pricing looks enticing.  They are not approved by Keurig and are breaking distributorship rules.  Since they are not approved, where they get their Kcups from is a mystery. You may end up with black market, improperly stored, expired coffee.  To spot a renegade,  look to see if they are a Keurig Authorized Distributor (KAD) and again the Keurig seal.  If they are selling anything other than Keurig approved Kcups, they are not an official distributor and are getting their Kcups from unknown sources.  I dont know about you but, I am not comfortable with an "unknown source" when it comes to food and drink no matter how much money it saves me.

I hope this helps you navigate the Kcup coffee world.  My recommendation would be to pick an approved distributor that you trust and stick with them. You will know that you are getting a high quality product. Most distributors are upstanding companies that have no interest in false advertising, inferior products or using smoke and mirrors to make a sale.  


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