Keurig K-cup Tasting- Three Continent Blend

Posted on Fri, Oct 25, 2013

describe the imageThis weeks Keurig Kcup coffee tasting will be...Three Continent Blend. Three Continent is brought to us by Green Mountain. Green Mountain is not only the ultimate authority on single serve coffee but they are pretty darn good at sourcing high quality, gourmet beans as well. 

I have met their team of  experts that literally scour coffee producing regions for that perfect bean being produced in a sustainable manner that meets their high standards.  

Three Continent Blend Kcup coffee is sourced from not one but, three of these treasured coffee farms combining all the best attributes of each bean to create one great cup of coffee! As described by Green Mountain:

"Sumatran beans lay down the base notes with lush, hearty body. South America occupies the midrange with sweet smoothness and balanced fruity notes. The delicate floral finish is unmistakably Ethiopian. Together, they create a symphony of taste while helping farmers around the world."

Yes, this coffee does help farmers around the world becasue it also happens to be Fair Trade certified.  

Three Continent is a medium roast, extra bold Kcup coffee.  Medium roast, extra bolds are hard to come by.  The majority of extra bold Kcups are on the darker side, leaving medium roast lovers longing for a fuller bodied, richer cup of coffee. 

Green Mountain Three Continent Blend Kcup coffee in mugI happily brewed my Three Continent Kcup on the highest water setting of my Keurig. Since it is an extra bold Kcup, I knew that it could stand up to the extra water and provide me with a nice full cup of coffee. 

The aroma reminded me of stepping into a coffee shop.  That delicious smell of a mixture of beans that hits you the second you walk in the door.  Pleasant, pure coffee kind of heaven! 

There was very little translucency in the mug however it was not pitch black. 

The taste was woodsy or earthy with a smooth satisfying body. There was no bitterness.  It was quite pleasant with just the right amount of flavor without a punch in the face. I would compare this to a Colombian with much more complexity and depth.  

This Kcup is fairly new on the market but, I have a feeling it may become one of the most popular very quickly.  It is an excellent reply to those that have requested a nice everyday coffee that does not taste watered down.  

I would recommend this coffee to medium and dark roast lovers.  I am on the fence as to whether a light roast drinker would enjoy this Kcup and fans of flavored coffees, this is not the Kcup for you.

Have you tried Three Continent Keurig Kcup coffee?

Tell us what you think.

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