Keurig Kcup Coffee Review- Diedrich French Roast

Posted on Fri, Nov 15, 2013

Diedrich French Roast Blend Keurig Kcup coffeeDiedrich is a quirky coffee company offering us unique Kcups at a value price. This innovative group launched the first ever value priced line of Keurig Kcup coffee.  But these certainly are not "cheap" Kcup coffees. Diedrich launched this line with the intent of maintaining the integrity and quality that Keurig has worked so hard to maintain. 

This week I will review one of their first value priced Kcups...French Roast.

Diedrich French Roast Keurig Kcup coffee is a dark roast Kcup prepared with a European flair. French Roasts are traditionally among the darkest coffees with a popular following.  

I brewed my French Roast Kcup on the highest water setting of my Keurig.  Although this is not an extra bold Kcup I was quite confident that it could stand up to a higher amount of water and maintain its integrity.  

The aroma was that of toast.  Note that I did not say burnt toast as you would expect.  So many of these dark roast coffees go further than I feel they need to leaving an extremely dark, burnt coffee. So far I see no sign of that characteristic with Diedrich French Roast. 

Diedrich French Roast Keurig Kcup coffee in mugI was surprised to see a bit of translucency in the mug.  Don't get me wrong, it was VERY minimal but, there none the less. 

The first sip was woodsy with a hint of citrus and completely devoid of any bitterness or burnt taste. Truly not what I expected.  There was significant depth but the overall feel was smooth and easy to drink.  The dark roast taste exists but not so much that it is not palatable.  

I would describe this Kcup as a mild mannered dark roast.  

If you are a dark roast fan, I would recommend this coffee to you.  Because of this Kcups unique characteristics I would also recommend it to medium roast drinkers.  Flavored and light roast lovers...sorry, this is not the Kcup for you.  

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