15 Gift Ideas for College Students

Posted on Thu, Dec 05, 2013

15 great gift ideas for college students

I have put together 15 gift ideas for college students to help get you started...
Buying the perfect gift for a college student can be daunting.  But, don't make it harder than it really is.  Most college students simply need essentials.  They are generally broke, hungry, dirty, and cold...all that you have to do is fill those basic needs : )

1. Gift certificates for gas and groceries.

This is a no-brainer must do and they make great stocking stuffers. 

2. Essentials kit.  

Include items such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, quarters, detergent, toothpaste, etc. College students are busy spending their money on beer and burritos the last thing they want to do is waste their sacred dollars on essential items.  Stock them up and they will be thrilled!

3. Keurig Kcup coffee brewer.


k145 transparent

Of course, we think this is the best gift of all.  Junior will be thrilled to have fresh coffee in the dorm room to get them through those all-nighters.  Not to mention they will save money by skipping Starbucks.  Our biggest piece of advice- go with the K145 ul approved unit to guarantee they will be permitted to use it in a dorm setting. 

4. Interview clothes.

Do you have a soon-to-be college graduate on your holiday gift list?  Prepare them for their upcoming job or internship interviews with a great outfit to wear.  I would highly recommend including a gift certificate for dry cleaning to assure that they look their best.

5. A pen scanner.

These little gadgets are the coolest things ever.  It is a pen that scans notes from textbooks without typing or re-writing.  A pen scanner would come in handy for any college student. 

6. Keurig Kcup coffee subscription.


keurig kcup coffee of the month 2

Does your student already have a Keurig brewer?  The only thing missing then is coffee. You can keep them stocked for the entire school year with a Keurig Kcup coffee subscription. Simply choose a type of coffee, amount, and length of subscription, and viola your son or daughter will never run out of Kcup coffee!  To make it even more fun, send them a Kcup coffee of the month tour- they will receive a different flavor or roast each month for them to try!


7. Netflix subscription.

Although they may not admit it, college students do have plenty of downtime.  Sign them up for their very own Netflix subscription and they can watch their favorite shows and movies right on their laptops.

8. Earbuds.

A college student's must-have.  Beats by Dre seem to be the hottest brand on the market right now!

9. Portable iPod/ iPhone speakers.

10. A new backpack.

Chances are their backpack has seen better days.  A new one would be a much-appreciated gift.

11. Portable USB backup charger.

Technology is a college student's best friend.  Laptops, tablets, iPods, cell phones... they usually have them all!  After a long day of classes, the batteries will be drained quickly.  With a portable USB backup charger, they can bring their gear back to life while on the go.

12. Touch screen gloves.

I am madly in love with my touch screen gloves.  Although I am not a college student, I am quite certain they will feel the same.

13. A good quality travel mug.


contigo travel mug

Encourage your college kids to save money by skipping the coffee shop and taking their coffee to go.  I am a huge fan of Contigo products.  The quality is second to none. 

14. Supply kit- notebooks, pens, printer paper and ink, flash drives, highlighters, paperclips, etc. 

15. MONEY!

There you have it, a complete list of the perfect holiday gift ideas for college students.  Now you have no excuse...start shopping!

P.S. In reviewing my list, wouldn't #3, 6, and 13 make an amazing gift package?!


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