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Cafe Caramel is another indulgence brought to us by the masters of me moments- Cafe Escapes. The Cafe Escapes line if coffees are the one and only genuine Keurig Kcup with dairy already added.  They are a creamy treat similar to your coffee house favorites, ready to enjoy in under one minute!  There are four varieties available- Cafe Mocha, Chai Latte, Cafe Vanilla and in the spotlight this week...Cafe Caramel.

I chose to brew my Cafe Caramel Keurig Kcup coffee in the highest water setting of my brewer. Having enjoyed the other flavors of Cafe Escapes many times, I knew that this Kcup would be able to stand up to the higher setting and not taste watered down.  

I stepped out of the kitchen for a moment and when I returned I was struck with the amazing smell of caramel.  It smelled absolutely delicious. I do have to say that there was no coffee smell.  Upon further investigation I discovered that Cafe Caramel only contains 20 percent coffee.  I was ok with that since this is more of a treat rather than a necessary caffeine fix.

Cafe Escapes Cafe Caramel Keurig Kcup coffee in mugThe first sip was a creamy, caramel filled delight. I would describe Cafe Caramel Kcups as a grown up hot cocoa.  It has that same sort of satisfying warmth but, with a bit of an adult twist. The caramel flavor is prevalent however, it was not abundant.  Caramel combines with a butter flavor and hints of coffee tastes.  

As I expected, Cafe Escapes really hit the nail on the head with this Kcup.  Their goal was to give you a moment of joy, a time where just for a minute it is all about you and a cup filled with creamy, delicious flavors.  That my friend is exactly what you get with Cafe Caramel Keurig Kcup coffee

I would recommend this Kcup to non coffee drinkers, those that enjoy mocha and cocoa type drinks.  Light roast and flavored coffee drinkers, this is a great choice for you.  Medium and dark roast fans, sorry this Kcup is not the one for you but, I have an idea.  Try combining your favorite dark roast Kcup coffee with a Cafe Caramel to give it more of a kick and you will think you have died and gone to heaven!

Purchase Cafe Caramel K-cups here:>>

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