Keurig® Reusable K-Cup® Filters: Reality vs. Expectations

Posted on Thu, Dec 19, 2013

Making coffee in a keurig without a kcup

You are a savvy shopper looking to save a few dollars on your K-Cup® coffee. You love the convenience but just want to see if you can pinch a few pennies. We get it. 

You can make coffee in a Keurig® without K-Cup® pods to reduce your coffee budget. But, you will have to make some sacrifices. 

Before you purchase a reusable filter for your coffee maker read this article. We will weigh the pros and cons to help you decide if it is a good choice for you and your family. 

reusable coffee filter for a keurig brewer

Can I Make My Own Coffee in a Keurig® Brewer?

Google can I make my own coffee in a Keurig® brewer and you will find a variety of gadgets. Most are mesh types that sit in the brew basket of your unit. I have also seen plastic lids that will allow you to reuse your K-Cup® capsules, tiny paper filters, and a myriad of other inventive units. 

Be warned. Keurig® is strict about what you put in your unit. They want your experience to be as pleasant as possible. If the reusable filter does not have a Keurig® seal – it is not sanctioned and will void the warranty on your K-Cup® coffee maker. 

There is really only one choice –  the My K-Cup®.  This is an approved product that will not compromise the warranty on your machine. The My K-Cup® is economical (about $15) and made from high-quality plastic. It fulfills the purpose of using your own coffee but, there are some inconveniences. 

  • It is difficult to get the measurement of coffee right.  Every cup tastes different.
  • It is awkward and messy to fill. 
  • There is a much higher occurrence of grounds in your coffee. 
  • The person before you NEVER cleans it.
  • You can not make hot cocoa or enjoy any of the Cafe Escapes.
  • The loose coffee clogs the needles occasionally. 

If you are spoiled by the convenience of K-Cup® pods like we are, this will be quite an adjustment. 

parts of a keurig reusable coffee filter

How to Make Coffee in a Keurig® Brewer Without K-Cup® Pods

Aside from the inconveniences listed above, it is easy to make coffee with  the My K-Cup®. Just follow these simple directions. 

  • Remove the K-Cup® pod holder from the brewer. 
  • Remove the Plus Series adapter if applicable. 
  • Remove the My K-Cup® lid. 
  • Fill the filter basket with ground coffee. 
  • Replace the lid. 
  • Insert the My K-Cup® reusable filter. 
  • Lower the handle and choose your brew size. 

woman drinking coffee on a white couch

How Much Coffee do You Put in a Reusable K-Cup® Pod?

You can choose to add much grounds as you desire. More grounds will give a stronger brew and less will give you a weaker brew. However, you should not exceed the max fill line noted on the unit to avoid grinds in your cup and clogging the brew needles. 


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