Can I Brew My Own Coffee in a Keurig® Brewer?

Posted on Thu, Dec 19, 2013

Can I brew my own coffee in a Keurig

**Since the writing of this post, new Cross Country Cafe approved My K-Cup® reusable filters have been released that are compatible with both classic Keurig® models and Keurig® 2.0. Click here to learn more.**

This is a question that we hear quite often from those seeking to save a few dollars on their daily coffee.  

The short answer is- yes but, why would you want to?

I certainly understand that Keurig® K-Cup® pods are not the cheapest route to take to feed your caffeine habit however, when you indulge in your sacred first cup, one of life's simple pleasures- is cheap really what you are going for? I for one am seeking a great tasting cup of gourmet coffee, brewed fresh and hot in my mug as quickly and as easily as possible.

If I haven't swayed you with my little rant let's talk brass tacks. 

There are a variety of units available that will make it possible to brew your own coffee in your Keurig® machine. Most are a mesh type basket that sits in the brew basket of your unit. I have also seen plastic lids that will allow you to reuse your K-Cup® capsules, tiny paper filters and a myriad of other inventive units. These gadgets should bear a label that states "use at your own risk" for a few reasons.

1)They are generally made from low grade plastic that will affect the taste of your coffee.

2)They are messy.

3)The performance of your machine will be affected.

4)The life span of your brewer will be shortened.

5) Last but not least:

If they do not bear the Keurig® brewed seal, they are not sanctioned and will void the warranty on your K-Cup® coffee brewer.  

Keurig® is fairly strict about what you brew in your unit, they want your experience with their product to be as pleasant as possible. They demand high quality from their roasters and will settle for nothing less. With all of the renegade K-Cup® capsules that are popping up today and gone tomorrow, they simply can not stand behind the effects they will have on your brewer. 

Therefore, there is only one piece of equipment that Keurig® will endorse for brewing your own coffee in your unit- the My K-Cup®.  This is a Keurig® approved product that will not compromise the warranty on your coffee brewer.

However, after testing, I can not recommend using it (sorry Keurig®, I am usually on your side). There are a few reasons that I do not like the My K-Cup®:

1) It is difficult to get the measurement of coffee quite right.  Every cup tastes different as I am adjusting my brews to try to get just the right amount of coffee.  

2) I spill coffee grounds every gosh darn time I try to scoop them into the My K-Cup®...every time.

3) I noticed a much higher occurrence of grounds in my coffee. 

4) The person before me NEVER cleans it, leaving me to do so... both before and after I brew my cup of coffee.

5) I can not make hot cocoa or enjoy any of the Cafe Escapes.

6) The My K-Cup® consist of three pieces that replace the brew basket of your coffee maker. Three pieces that need cleaned in between each brew and that I need to keep track of. 

7) The coffee clogged my needles several times using this method of brewing. 

Mainly, I am simply spoiled. I am so used to not even thinking about my morning joe, get the mug, pop in the pod, hit brew. That is about all the thinking that I can handle first thing in the morning! This is the whole point to begin with. 

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