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How to make a Macchiato with a Keurig brewer

Macchiato is an often misused, misunderstood term in the coffee industry. It has become a bit of a fluff term for fancy, flavored coffee drinks when it is quite simply espresso with a minimal amount of milk added. A macchiato is neither a latte or a cappuccino.  Macchiato translated means milk stained coffee. Some say coffee stained milk...either is an excellent description of this coffee house favorite. 

How to make a Macchiato with a Keurig and Dark Magic K cups


Our Keurig® brewers are not capable of producing a true espresso. But, with a Dark Magic K-cup® pod we can come darn close.  

Let's get to the recipe...


*Makes 2 demitasse size cups

How to make an Espresso Macchiato at home


  • Start by brewing your Dark Magic K-cup® coffee on the lowest water setting of your Keurig® brewer into a measuring cup or any sort of pouring vessel.
  • Froth your milk with a steamer. A simple handlheld wand or even a blender works fine. 
  • Place one spoonfull of frothed milk in the bottom of each of your demitasse cups. A demitasse cup is a very small espresso style cup, I happen to be obsessed with them, they are just the most adorable cups ever!
  • Pour the Dark Magic K-cup® coffee into the cups filling them slightly over 2/3 leaving space for more milk.
  • Place another large spoonful of frothed milk on the top of the Dark Magic coffee filling the cups to the top. 

Your milk should be stained by the coffee, or your coffee should be stained by the milk; however you choose to look at it, the milk will have beautiful, brown areas. Only the peaks should remain white.

This is a fun little drink to make, not to mention it is quite tasty. I enjoy indulging in a homemade Macchiato because I don't particularly care to drink an entire mug of dark roast, extra bold K-cup® coffee on a regular basis. But, I do enjoy the taste from time to time. A macchiato gives me the perfect hit of flavor balanced with just a touch of milk.

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