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Posted on Thu, Jan 30, 2014

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I recently read "Go Paperless: Get Rid of the Paper Clutter Forever", this was a great book that left me inspired. In an effort to control my clutter and not let it control me, I have been on a massive "throw it out" frenzy.  Goodwill, family and the recycling center have been inundated with my belongings. Leaving me to breath a little easier with organized cupboards and drawers.  

Yesterdays project was the kitchen.  Can you believe I had an entire drawer (and not a small one) dedicated to nothing but owners manuals? From the washer and drier to the juicer, yogurt maker and everything in between. I may have referenced these once or twice but, certainly not enough to justify tying up valuable kitchen real estate so, in the recycling bin they went.  

This led me to the idea of gathering the owners manuals of all models of Keurig® brewers and housing them right here, for you. Below you will find links to the owners manual of each model of Keurig® brewer.

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The model number of your brewer can general be found on the bottom of the unit. You will see that my list references all model numbers starting with K, if yours starts with a B...don't panic. Keurig® recently decided to move from the B naming system to a K naming system but, kept all of the corresponding numbers the same.  If you have a B40 for example, it is now called a K40.

List of printable Keurig® owners manuals

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You now have my permission to toss your owners manual in the trash! Reference this post whenever you have a question or save the PDF on your computer and you can be one step closer to a clutter free kitchen or office! 

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