Are There Organic K-cup Coffees?

Posted on Thu, Feb 13, 2014

Organic Keurig K cup Coffees

Buying organic is often a controversial topic but, to me it is a no brainer.  If it is available, you can afford it and you are not being scammed...why not?  By choosing organic coffee you are avoiding chemicals and pesticides, helping farmers remain sustainable and some even argue that organic beans taste better.  

Although there is an abundant shortage of organic K-cup coffees, they do exist. Thankfully the rare few are incredibly high quality and roasted by companies we can trust and the best news is, they are no more expensive than traditional roasts!

If there is one person that comes to mind when you think organic it has got to be Paul Newman. His namesake has become synonymous with sustainable, organic products...especially coffee.  As a matter of fact Newman's Own has an entire subsidiary dedicated to their famous roasts.  We are thrilled that they have partnered with Green Mountain coffee to included organic K-cups in their line of products!  

Newman's Own Special Blend Organic K-cup coffee


Newman's Own Special Blend is a medium roast, extra bold K-cup coffee that is organic and Fair Trade certified to boot.  This is a blend of Central American beans that offers a strong body and robust flavor. I have had the pleasure of reviewing Special Blend, you can read my full description here

Special Blend is also available in a decaffeinated version with all of the same depth and body minus the caffeine kick!


Green Mountain Coffee is next on our organic K-cup list.  Green Mountain is just that, very green, very socially conscious...who would have thought such a huge corporation could maintain these standards.  I guess when you start out as a tiny train station coffee shop in the foot hills of beautiful Vermont, it comes easy.  

Organic Sumatran Reserve Keurig K cup coffee


Green Mountain employs a team of experts to source just the right beans for their signature roasts.  Case in point- Sumatran Reserve.  Sumatran Reserve is a dark roast, extra bold Keurig K-cup coffee that is certified organic and Fair Trade.  Sumatran beans are grown in the lush mountains of Indonesia, creating a unique taste and superb cup of coffee.  This coffee offers a big body, sweet notes and a satisfying finish. 


I am thrilled to have two amazing organic K-cup coffees available to us, I hope that more and more will be released but, just a word of always, only buy organic K-cups with the Keurig seal as well as a USDA organic seal.  This is the only way to be sure that you are receiving a high quality, genuinely organic product.  

Price gouging can run rampant with organic products, it seems like you slap a little seal on it and the price instantly doubles.  That hasn't happened with our K-cup coffee and never will. Shop with reputable companies that care about providing you a great product at a great price!  

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