Keurig K-cup Coffee Review- Dark Magic

Posted on Fri, Feb 21, 2014

Green Mountain Dark Magic Keurig K cup Coffee

I double and triple checked my records, shocked that I have not yet reviewed Green Mountain Dark Magic K-cup coffee.  Dark Magic is an absolute staple in a well rounded K-cup collection. Not to mention if you are a dark roast drinker this may be your next favorite daily cup! I use Dark Magic in the majority of my K-cup coffee recipes, Dark Magic is an espresso blend that gives just the right taste to coffee house favorites. 

Green Mountain offers us this dark roast coffee with twenty percent more grinds than standard K-cups, packing a powerful punch!  I love extra bold K-cup coffees because I can brew them on the highest water setting of my Keurig and they will not taste watered down.  Dark Magic is no exception to this rule, this coffee is nice and dark with no translucency in the mug. 

Dark Magic Keurig K cup coffee in mug

A smoky aroma filled the air the second I hit brew.  That same smokiness is quite prevalent in the taste as well.  The interesting part was that the smokiness is followed by an almost contradictory sweetness.  The body of this coffee is strong but, not quite as "thick" as I expected.  

I would absolutely recommend this K-cup to any dark roast drinkers, that is a no brainer. Medium roast fans, I would approach with caution.  Light roast and flavored K-cup drinkers this is not the coffee for you except to be used in you favorite homemade specialty coffee recipes! 



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