Keurig K-cup Coffee Review- Folgers Lively Colombian

Posted on Fri, Feb 28, 2014

Folgers Gourmet Selections Lively Colombian Keurig K cup coffee

I am finishing up my reviews of Folgers K-cup coffees with Lively Colombian. If you have missed the previous posts, be sure to check them out, you will see that I have gone from skeptical to enamored with this relatively new line of K-cup coffees. Besides Lively Colombian there are four other roasts available (you can click on each one to read more) :

Black Silk

Caramel Drizzle

Classic Roast

Vanilla Biscotti

Now back to the regularly scheduled program...

Lively Colombian is a medium roast coffee brought to us by the classic coffee company- Folgers. Folgers has been producing great tasting coffee since 1850- yes that is an eight!  They have completely mastered the art if a smooth tasting cup of coffee in those 100 plus years. Now we can enjoy all of that experience in the ease and convenience of Keurig K-cups.  Folgers single serve coffee offers us a true modern day classic. 

I chose to brew my Lively Colombian K-cup on the highest water setting of my Keurig.  Based on my experience with the other Folgers roasts, I was quite certain this coffee would have enough body to stand up to the extra water without tasting watered down...and I was right. Lively Colombian had a nice dark color in the cup with very minimal translucency. 

Folgers Lively Colombian Keurig K cup coffee

The aroma of this K-cup is classic Folgers.  That amazing smell that you see stirring actors from their sleep in the famous Folgers commercials is not lost in the K-cup format.  

The first sip was crisp, with an unexpected pleasant bite.  This is not a wimpy coffee!  There is depth and character that is quite satisfying.  Despite being a medium roast there is a smoky almost dark roast like finish but, it lacks any bitterness or burnt taste that you find in a lot of dark roasts.  Folgers some how managed to take all of the best aspects of a dark roast coffee and pack it into a medium roasted bean leaving a K-cup that will appeal to the masses. 

Here is the 10 million dollar question- do Folgers K-cups taste similar to the drip style ground coffee that we all grew up watching our parents make? 


I would have to say that Folgers did an exceptional job of carrying that traditional taste over to the K-cup.  Mom, Dad and Grandma would not be able to tell the difference! 

I would recommend Folgers Lively Colombian K-cup coffee to medium and dark roast drinkers. Light roast fans, this might not be the one for you.  If you absolutely must have flavor in your coffee, I would recommend Folgers Vanilla Biscotti K-cups.


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