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Vitamin Burst Acai Berry Keurig K cup review

Acai Berry is a brew over ice K-cup beverage brought to us by Vitamin Burst, a subsidiary of Green Mountain Coffee.  Brew over ice K-cups are just another easy way to maximize the enjoyment of your Keurig brewer. There are several varieties of iced coffees, teas and even lemonade available in the K-cup brewing format!

To brew over ice, simply fill a 16 oz plastic cup with ice.  Brew your K-cup directly over the ice on the lowest water setting of your Keurig and viola you have a quick, easy and unique iced beverage!  

Vitamin Burst Keurig K cup Brew Over Ice Acai Berry

I would describe the taste Acai Berry K-cups as a cross between a grape and a cherry with hints of other fruits.  There is a light crispness to this drink with an intensely sweet, pleasing flavor.  I was quite pleased with the lack of any fake sort of taste that you find in some of the other fruity flavored sort of beverages. I definitely rate Acai berry as kid friendly and let's face it, this is way better for them than Kool Aid or sodas. Don't worry, there is no caffeine!

Vitamin Bursts are naturally sweetened and there are no artificial colors or flavors. There are about 80 calories per K-cup (not to bad for such a large cup).  I was curious about the ingredients, this is what I found:

vitamin burst acai berry ingredients
Acai berry is a super fruit that is packed with antioxidants and viatmin C as well as many other health benefits. But, how the heck do they get them in the K-cup?  According to the Vitamin Burst web site they use a "gentle freeze drying" method that allows the all of that goodness of fresh acai berries to be maintained and then released in the Keurig brewing process.  I just had to take a look for myself:

What is inside a Vitamin Burst Acai Berry Keurig K cup

All in all this is a darn good drink and I am happy to have yet another way to utilize my Keurig brewer.  I am elated to have an all natural, great tasting drink for the kids (Acai Berry may be making it's way into some lunch boxes soon!). Most of all, I can't wait to sip an ice cold glass on a hot summer day!

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