Keurig K-cup Recipe- Acai Berry Popsicles

Posted on Mon, Mar 10, 2014

Vitamin Burst K cup Acai Berry popsiclesThe sun is finally shining and we are feeling the joy of the approaching spring! To celebrate surviving the looooooong winter we are enjoying some refreshing Vitamin Burst Acai Berry Keurig K-cup popsicles!

Acai Berry K-cups are a wonderful brew over ice option for Keurig brewers.  This superfruit flavored beverage is packed with antioxidants, vitamin c and amazing berry taste (you can read a full review here)! These tasty little babies are kid friendly, definitely mother approved and better yet, they make a perfect frozen popsicle!

I dont know that we can call this a recipe since there is only one ingredient but, there are a few supplies that you will need:

1 Vitamin Burst Acai Berry Keurig K-cup

2 plastic dixie size cups

2 popsicle sticks

-Start by brewing your Acai Berry Keurig K-cup on the lowest water setting into a plastic measuring cup or some sort of pouring vessel.  

-Place the now brewed acai berry beverage in the fridge to chill for at least one hour.

-Pour the now chilled liquid into 2 small plastic cups (dixie cup size or about 4 oz).

-Place a popsicle stick in each cup.  I tried using straws as you can see in the picture, I don't recommend it, they were not strong enough to hold the popsicle upright.

-Place in freezer overnight.

You are now ready to enjoy a homemade, healthy popsicle on a hot summer day (or a some what almost kind of warm day like us!).

Keurig K cup fruit popsicles

P.S. Try adding fruit to the cups before you freeze them for a little extra taste and texture!


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