How to Make Iced Beverages With Your Keurig® Brewer

Posted on Thu, Mar 13, 2014

How to make iced beverages with your Keurig brewer

You already love your Keurig for providing you with piping hot, fresh gourmet coffee each and every day but, did you know there is another way to enjoy your precious brewer with no special attachments or upgrades?  That's right, you can make iced coffees, teas, and fruit beverages with any Keurig brewer and it is so easy!

First, choose your K-cup.  There are specially marked K-cups intended to be prepared cold, just look for the brew over ice seal. They simply contain more coffee or tea than standard K-cups. Quite frankly though, any K-cup can be brewed over ice, don't shy away if you don't see the seal. For example in the picture below, Twinings Pure Black does bear the Brew Over Ice logo, Peppermint does not but, I have enjoyed both of these teas cold several times, the Peppermint tea just is not quite as strong as the other. 

Brew Over Ice Keurig K cups

Shake the K-cup to loosen the contents and place them in the brew basket of your Keurig brewer.

Next, fill a 16 oz plastic cup with ice and place it on the drip tray of your brewer (if it is too tall, remove the drip tray). If you would like sweetener or milk in your iced treat, you should add that now.  

Brewing Keurig K cups over ice

Brew the K-cup by selecting the lowest water setting of your unit (you don't want the cup to overflow!).

Iced tea made with a Keurig brewer

You are now ready to enjoy an iced cold, refreshing coffee or tea prepared in under a minute with your Keurig brewer- enjoy!

There is a huge array of K-cups available specially prepared to brew over ice including Snapple Teas, Lemonade, and Vitamin Burst Acai Berry just to name a few!



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