Do Keurig® Brewers Come With a Warranty?

Posted on Thu, Mar 20, 2014

Do Keurig Brewer%27s Come With a Warranty
If you are anything like me you have come to love your Keurig® brewer like a family member, maybe more : ) My Keurig® coffee maker is always my first stop when I get up in the morning, I depend on it and want to know that it will be there for me for the long haul. Luckily, the Keurig® company offers a generous warranty on their revolutionary coffee makers that will keep us brewing on morning after morning!

All Keurig® brewers come with a limited one year warranty. The warranty begins on the date of purchase. By all means, you must save your original receipt to prove when you purchased your Keurig if a problem were to arise. I have heard that Keurig® is pretty lenient if you happen to misplace your paperwork but, it is better to be safe than sorry.

This warranty applies only to genuine Keurig® units. Those manufactured by Breville, Cuisinart and Mr. Coffee just carry a 30-day promise (from the purchase date) by Keurig® after that the liability falls on the aforementioned companies.

The guarantee assigned to Keurig® brewers assures you that your precious gadget will not have any issues with regards to the materials from which it is built or the craftsmanship involved in its creation. Of course, this is applicable only if the unit has been used in the manner it was intended. This means:

  • You must be brewing in the United States or Canada, do not take you Keurig backpacking through Europe, you will lose your coverage.
  • You must use only Keurig® approved products in your machine. Look for the Keurig seal to be sure that you are using the appropriate K-cup pods and brew your own coffee adapters.
  • You must not put anything in the water reservoir beside water, preferably filtered.
  • You must not perform any repairs on the coffee brewer yourself nor should you have anyone other than Keurig® or a Keurig® Authorized Distributor perform any maintenance or repairs.
  • You must not misuse or abuse your Keurig® (this includes using a unit intended for a home in a commercial setting- look for the UL rating).
  • As you might guess we cannot hold Keurig® liable for acts of God or accidental damage such as fires, lightning strikes or power surges. That simply would not be fair.

*This is not an all-inclusive list, the ultimate decision-making process is up to the representatives at Keurig ®.

So, how does it work?

In most instances, your Keurig® brewer will be replaced or the part affected may be mailed to you if it is something as simple as the brew basket (I speak from experience!). They may choose to repair the unit or refer you to a local distributor but, that seems to happen very rarely. Don't be surprised if your replacement is a refurbished brewer, in fact; it most likely will be but, don't worry, it comes with a whole new warranty. The replacement Keurig® will carry a one-year limited warranty effective from the ship date (again, don't forget to save the paperwork).

How do I take advantage of my warranty?

Easy, just call Keurig®, a local distributor or email us and we would be happy to help!

I for one am thrilled that Keurig® is willing to stand behind the quality of their product and offer such a lengthy warranty, thank you Keurig ®!

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Lost your Keurig® manual? No problem, click here to download a copy.

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