Keurig K-cup Review ~ Raspberry Iced Tea

Posted on Fri, Apr 25, 2014

Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea Keurig K cup review

Raspberry Iced Tea is a brew over ice K-cup brought to us by the iced tea experts at Snapple. No one does iced beverages better than Snapple and lucky for us, they have joined to Keurig K-cup revolution!

There are three varieties of Snapple tea available to be brewed with your Keurig- Lemon, Peach and none other than Raspberry. Raspberry particularly peeked my interest because it happens to be one of my favorite fruit flavors and I was quite certain it would taste amazing in ice cold tea. 

As with all brew over ice varieties I prepared my Snapple Raspberry K-cup tea using the lowest water setting of my Keurig.  This is where I should warn you to use a plastic tumbler- not glass. But, if you are anything like me, once it cools, immediately transfer your beverage to a glass mason jar for the full iced tea affect!

Snapple Raspberry Iced Keurig K cup tea brewed

The appearance of the brewed tea was impressive.  The color is a beautiful caramel with no translucency.  The first sip was absolutely packed with raspberry flavor!  The body was shockingly thick and rich, very much similar to Snapple teas that you might buy in the store. This is definitely a refreshing beverage but, I prefer something a little lighter when it comes to quenching my thirst.  I would instead view Raspberry Tea a treat and although it may seem odd, it will satisfy your sweet tooth. 

There is a lack of tea flavor, it is almost completely replaced with silky raspeberry. 

I would recommend this K-cup to those looking for an alternative to soda and to those who fancy a liking to fruity sports drinks.  If you are a fan of a pure tea taste, this is not the K-cup for you, Pomegranate Raspberry by Twinings would be a better alternative for you.

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