Black Friday Shopping Tips

Posted on Thu, Nov 06, 2014


The busiest shopping day of the year tends to bring out the inate hunter/ gatherer instincts in us all. We wake up at the crack of dawn to make the long trek to the malls and shopping centers.  As the crowd builds so does our feelings fight or flight. Only the strongest will even get past the opening of the doors without getting lost in the herd. The most savvy shoppers will survive. But, who wants to simply survive?  With a few tips and trick you will THRIVE on Black Friday, returning to your cave with a plethora of goods to sustain you and your family!

1) Do your research.

Be sure to check reviews and consumer reports on the product (or prey) that you have your eye on.  Remember cheap does not equal a great deal.  If the sale item is not high quality and built to last, it is not worth even the lowest price. 

2) Browse before you go. 

Most retailers are already talking about Black Friday, visit social media pages and sign up for email alerts to be in the know before you shop.

3) Compare prices ahead of time. 

As you do your pre shopping research, compare offers from similar retailers.  You certainly would not want to put all this effort into finding a great deal only to realize there was an even better price at a competing store.

4) Bring ads with you. 

Have back up especially when it comes to big box stores to assure that you get the advertised price. 

5) Use price matching and best price guarantees

Many stores are now offering price matching, they will grant you the same price as a competitor if you can show proof of a lower cost on the exact same item.  This is an AMAZING tool, use it!

6) Start now. 

Did you know that tons of Black Friday sales have already started?  I sometimes think that Black Friday will eventually become Black November as most stores are now offering sale prices for the majority of the month in an attempt to get a jump start on the competition.

7) Know store policies. 

Pay attention to the fine print and rules of the store when it comes to things such as return policies, restocking fees and deal stacking. 

8) Always get a gift receipt. 

You may think you are purchasing the all time best gift ever but, the recipient doesn't always. Give them the flexibility of an easy return if necessary.

9) Shop online. 

This is my favorite.  So many of the offers you find in stores are included on their website and I have actually found that sometimes the deals are even better.  The added convenience of not leaving home makes this a no brainer for me. 

10) Use shopping apps. 

Apps such as Shop Savvy and Shop Kick will do comparison pricing for you by simply scanning a bar code saving you hours of research and driving all over town. 

11) Snag bonus discounts. 

A lot of stores offer bonus opportunities such as a gift to the first 100 shoppers or a free product for spending a certain amount of dollar amount.  Be sure that you are taking advantage of all of these offers to maximize your savings. 

12) Don't assume the door buster is the only deal. 

Yes, door busters are great but, don't forget there is still an entire store filled with other Black Friday saving opportunities. 

13) Use coupons. 

Stacking coupons on top of BF offers is a great way to keep more dollars in your pocket.  Be sure to check the store policy on this first, some will not allow it but, if you find one that does you can save big!

14) Use blogs.

There are a tremendous amount of great blog sites that are completely dedicated to finding the best deals for you. They seem to have an uncanny ability of finding the most amazing deals.  Most of the sites are updated several times a day as special offers are discovered. A few of our favorites are She Saved and See Mom Click.

As you prepare to hunt and gather things such as Ipads and Keurig K-cup brewers don't forget to keep it light, have a little fun and by all means don't stampede and trample your fellow cave men/ women to get to the last Xbox 1 or Let's Imagine Elmo, it just isn't worth it. 

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