Book Club Pick January 2015- Wonder

Posted on Wed, Feb 04, 2015

Come along with me on my journey into the world of reading, join our nation wide book club and read with us!  Because after all nothing goes better with a fresh cup of coffee than a great book!

This months choice was Wonder by R.J. Palacio.












My eleven year old daughter arrived home after her school book fair with Wonder.  She had already read it and enjoyed it so much, she bought a copy for me (how nice is that?!). I was excited to share the experience of a good book with her but, would the choice of a sixth grader have enough depth to keep me interested?  Let's just say I kinda went in with a chip on my shoulder.  

Two chapters in- I forgot all about the chip. 

The author brings us into the world of August Pullman, an unfortunately disfigured young man who is starting his first days at public school after being educated at home for his entire life.  Pullman, puts on a strong front but, we soon see that he is not quite as strong as he pretends to be, cracking under the pressure.  

This book takes you on a roller coaster of highs and lows, rooting for August to stick it out and win the battle of wills against school bullies.  It put me in a position of wondering (no pun intended) how many times have I judged a book by its cover and assumed I knew who a person was simply based on their appearance. 

I read Wonder from the perspective of a parent of course, whether ir not it was the intention of the author to allow two different perspectives with his prose...he pulled it off beautifully.  When I read this book my heart broke for August, imagining that it was my own child in addition to my always rooting for the underdog.  However, I am sure that my daughter read this as putting herself in the position of August or maybe she contemplated how she would handle it if August were to arrive in her school.  It really becomes two books in one, which you read depends on your stage in life.  

This is a book that leaves you changed a little on the inside. I wanted to be a better person after reading it. It left me in happy tears when everyone rallies around August in the end.  

So did this book have enough depth to keep me interested?  Yes, more so that most adult books I have read in my life.  

Have you read Wonder?

From which perspective did you interpret the story of August Pullman?

Please tell us your thoughts below but, before you go it is time to unveil our book club choice for February!

Drum roll please.....

Life After Life by Kate Atkinson


Happy reading! 

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