Book Club Pick March 2015-Life After Life

Posted on Wed, Mar 18, 2015

This month book club choice was Life After Life. 

Life After Life 
is a novel by Kate Atkinson that received tons of accolades but contrasting reviews.  Readers seem to either absolutely love or absolutely despise this book, not may fall in between.  I have to say that sadly I was not a huge fan but, did very much appreciate the concept.  

Life After Life
follows the main character- Ursula- as she is born, lives a life that may be very short or full, dies and is born again to live yet another life.  Yes, this is a fascinating concept however, the delivery was poor. Ursula's lives are quite similar with the same family but new fringe characters peppered in each time.  This became confusing and left me not even attempting to get to know these fringe friends, husbands and aquaintances because I knew they would just be gone in the next life.
You would think that a reader would gain some sort of profound perspective on life after reading this novel, that did not happen for me.  If it was there I completely missed it.  Ursula did not seem to do so either.  The lives became monotonous and I became disinterested.  
The author dropped little hints about certain situations such as Ursula's mother may or may not be living her life repeatedly as well but, we never found out, we were just offered a once sentence teaser. 

I had such high hopes for this book but, it fell dramatically short. The one concept that I did find interesting is the different view points of World war 2.  Ursula goes from being friends with Hitlers wife, to attempting to kill him to particpating in rescue efforts.  I think if this concept was carried throughout the book it might have been a bit more unified and a bit easier to grow attached. 
Have you read Life After Life?  What do you think- was there a point that I missed?

Most importantly, our next choice will be The Wives of Los Alamos by Tarashea Nesbit (free with Kindle Unlimited!).

Happy reading!

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