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 Cafe Bustelo K-Cups® are brought to us by the infamous roasting experts who proudly brought the name to America. This company is chock full of history and culture, traits that certainly stand out in their unique brew. Cafe Bustelo K-Cups® were far from a twinkle in the founder's eye when he inadvertently changed the face of not only our coffee culture but, Puerto Rico's as well. It all started when the Spanish-born Gregario Bustelo took a trip to Cuba. He found himself so entranced by the Cuban coffee scene that he simply had to be part of it. Soon he moved to the island and began working for a small roaster, gaining priceless knowledge. He eventually moved to Puerto Rico where he began to spread the joy of Cuban coffee along with the strong social bond that came with it. You see, in Cuba coffee is about far more than caffeine, it is a catalyst for family and friends to engage in conversation. it is a welcomed break from the busy day. It is a simple pleasure enjoyed with loved ones.

When the opportunity arose Bustelo jumped on the chance to move to New York as residents of Puerto Rico was granted American citizenship. He, and his wife, resided in East Harlem and found themselves jobless. As always, coffee was there for Gregario, he harnessed his impressive roasting skills and began to sell coffee out of his little house. Gregario was no dummy, he sold coffee at peak times such as when theater shows were ending and patrons were taking to the streets. This entrepreneur knew that no one could resist the tantalizing aroma of his coffee creations.

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It worked. Bustelo's coffee took off and the family was soon able to open their first storefront. From there, as they say, the rest is history. Cafe Bustelo is now owned by JM Smucker one of the largest food holding conglomerates in the world...all from a poor Spanish man who loved Cuban coffee.

But, what makes this coffee so special? Cuban coffee is generally roasted from a blend of crisp and smooth beans creating a depth and richness like no other. Cubans only drink finely ground espresso and they like it sweet! Cuban coffee is known by several names, all with similar properties with just a slight variation in additions:

Cafe Cubano or Cafecito contains espresso and sugar

Cortadito is topped with steamed milk.

Cafe Con Leche is mixed with hot milk.

Colado is espresso served in one large cup accompanied by several smaller cups to share with friends.


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There was a time that coffee was rationed by the government in Cuba. Each person was granted 4 ounces per day (I would never survive). But, the citizens of this festive land did what they always do, they got creative. New recipes were created to bulk up their dismal amount of joe. Neighbors starting sharing coffee out of their windows...this is still a tradition today, and might I say, a lovely one. This shortage had the unexpected outcome of bringing people together, and creating a coffee that became a source of unity, pride, and an important part of their cultural identity. 

Although participating in this coffee experience in person remains high on my bucket list, I revel in the next best thing, Cafe Bustelo K-Cup® coffee. All of this rich history and accumulation of roasting skills is now available to us with the power of Keurig® brewing. Cafe Bustelo K-Cup® pods are available in two varieties: Espresso Roast and Colombia. Both of the single serve beauties pack a powerful punch. The Cafe Bustelo tradition shines through with the one of a kind depth and powerful flavor in these K-Cup® pods. 

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Cafe Bustelo is a true rags to riches story but, I think it goes deeper than that. I believe that Gregario Bustelo helped to shape today's coffee culture. Aside from an amazing roast, the way in which it is enjoyed, and the engagement that it brings, is to his credit. There are always icons in every industry, those that makes it what it is, and ingrain it in a culture. Bustelo managed to do that for three countries. Now that his vision has long since been brought to fruition, it joins with another powerful icon in the coffee industry, perhaps the most impactful of our time...Keurig®. I am eternally pleased with that union and happy to reap the rewards as I sip a freshly made cup of Cafe Bustelo K-Cup® coffee

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