Posted on Mon, Jul 31, 2017

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Yellow is for the sun; green is for grass, blue is for the sky but, white is the beginning of everything. The simple and clean pallet that brings peace and calm while making everything pop in appearance and taste. Coffee looks just a little richer in a new white mug. Words seem a bit more profound on a crisp white sheet of paper. White clears the mind and eliminates inputs that cause pollution in my head. Since I have begun my white collection, decisions are easy as I don't have to think about what color to choose. If I need a mug, it will be white and if I want a journal so shall it.

White provides a background, or lack there of that enhances creative intentions. The mugs below seem to have an unspoken story leaving the piece not only to be functional but display as a work of art.


Utopia Dog Mug


Bear Mugtail




Boy/ Girl Mug by Jonathan Adler



Mugtail Squirrel


Elephant Mug by Jonathan Adler


Mugtail Fox




Mugtail Cat


Joco Reusable coffee cup


My White Journal


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