Coffee + Chocolate x Heaven = Il Morso

Posted on Mon, Aug 31, 2015

Crafty, small batch start ups hold a very special spot in my heart. I admire an the leap of faith it takes to turn something you love into a career. When that something you love happens to involve coffee, I am all ears. Toss in a little chocolate and I am sold. All of these peeked my interest when I came across Il Morso coffee bars. 


Il Morso is a recently launched chocolate company featuring a 100% organic, fair trade product. Oh did I happen to mention that their chocolate is also mixed with amazing bits of espresso?  Ya, see why I was so intrigued?

It all started with a trip to Milan, Italy. The founders, Jason Berton and Jordan Schuster thought they were innocently enjoying their morning espresso but, little did they know...their life was about to change. When the espresso arrived at their table, it was accompanied by a lovely piece of dark chocolate. What happened next was the true starting point of this up and coming business...the waiter suggested that they submerge the chocolate in the espresso. Jason and Jordan fell in love with the taste and Il Morso was born.

There are four varieties of Il Morso coffee bars available:


"Bold & uncompromising - Americano is our most profoundly stimulating Morso featuring an espresso roast of organic & fair beans."

Coffee and Cream

"Classic & Comforting - Coffee & Cream with a dash of organic sugar, based upon one of San Francisco's most beloved cups - can you guess which? Enjoy like a milk chocolate bar."


"Mocha will melt from your mouth to your soul with a thorough boost of energy to boot! Enjoy like a dark chocolate bar."

Matcha Green Tea

"Elegant & Soothing - Ceremonial grade Matcha Green Tea with a dash of organic sugar and a dollop of cream. We are mindful that the world enjoys a fine brew - we humbly offer this deliciously svelte Queen of teas. Enjoy like a white chocolate bar."

I had the extreme pleasure of trying all four and I am telling you, it was true love at first bite! The espresso flavor is fairly strong (a great thing for a coffee lover like me) but, it is so nicely complimented by the delicious chocolate that even non coffee drinkers would enjoy Il Morso bars. 

In fact, I have fallen into a new routine of enjoying one of these chocolate treats every afternoon. At a measly 15-25 calories, sometimes I have two. Ok who am I kidding, I had four today, don't judge. The caffeine content is moderate but, definitely enough to get you past the afternoon tired's. 

Remember how that Italian waiter suggested immersing the chocolate in the espresso? Well, I decided to take that recommendation myself, thank you foreign waiter who I never met, your advise is genius.


Il Morso chocolates are making their way around the country steadily and I am certain they will be available in your neck of the woods soon.  In the meantime, you can order on the Il Morso website. I plan to sign up for their handy subscription service so that we always have a variety available!

P.S. Check out the amazing recipes made with these chocolates on the Il Morso blog.

P.S.S. Try making smores with Il Morso bars!

P.S.S.S. Pair them with a great glass of wine!


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