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Cinco de Mayo is one of those incredibly fun holidays that really does not have a lot to do with most of us in the United States. In fact, I am willing to bet the majority of you don't even know why you are celebrating! But, what the heck, Americans love a good party and Cinco de Mayo is as good of one as any! In case you are wondering, May 5th  commemorates a battle fought won by the Mexican army against French forces in 1862...now you know, party on!

There is no better way to start your Cinco de Mayo celebration than with a delicious Mexican coffee. We have modified the classic version to make it a bit more user friendly and a ton more delicious!

You will need:


  • Start by adding the brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla extract and dark chocolate to a large mug. 
  • Next, brew your Timothy's Rainforest Espresso K-cup coffee directly into the same mug using the 8 ounce water setting of your Keurig brewer. If you are using a Keurig 2.0 I would recommend choosing the "strong" option.
  • Once the brew is complete, stir your coffee until the chocolate is melted. 
  • Top with whipped cream and perhaps chocolate shavings or cinnamon. 

Sip, celebrate and enjoy!

This is a delicious treat but, don't be mistaken, this is not one of those fluffy super sweet coffee drinks. Yes there are hints of sweetness but, mainly it is a play on complementary flavors. Dark chocolate, cinnamon and espresso are a trio not to be rivaled. I love that Cinco de Mayo coffee renders almost no guilt. In addition, it truly is COFFEE, some of the recipes you see these days completely lose track of the fact that they are supposed to be for actual coffee drinkers. That is not the case here, this is a treat that will be enjoyed by true coffee lovers. 

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