Posted on Wed, Apr 20, 2016


Combining Keurig K-cups has literally changed my life! Okay that may be an exaggeration but, I have come to LOVE creating new delicious concoctions.  I have come up with so many crazy delicious drinks and every single time I think, this is the best one yet! Low and behold it has happened again. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...German Chocolate Latte!


You will need:


  • Start by brewing your Cafe Vanilla K-cup into a very large mug using the 6 ounce water setting of your Keurig. If you are using a Keurig 2.0 don't forget to select the "hot cocoa/ other" option. 
  • Next, brew your German Chocolate K-cup directly into the same mug using the 6 ounce water setting. I would recommend using the "strong" option, again if you are using a 2.0.


You may top with whipped cream and perhaps some chocolate drizzle at this point however, I found to be just perfect as is! The wonderful sweet flavors of both the German Chocolate and Cafe Vanilla compliment each other creating a completely new silky, rich taste. I love that it is somewhat mild and not overwhelmingly sweet. This German Chocolate Latte provides just the right amount of sweet tooth satisfaction all with under 100 calories!

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