Espresso Review-Times Square

Posted on Fri, Apr 17, 2015

Times Square Nespresso pods are brought to us by the leaders in Nespresso compatible capsules- HIline Coffee. Nespresso capsules use an intensity rating of 1-10.  This is a handy way to know right away what you are getting yourself into.  Times Square is pretty high on the scale coming in at 9/10. Times Square is made from a blend of 100% Arabica beans originating in Costa Rica.

I chose to brew my Times Square espresso on the lowest water setting of my little red Pixie brewer simply because I was using my favorite demitasse cup, which is tiny. I would have preferred the larger setting with a little bit of room for cream but, I was too bust  trying to look cool. 

The result was (as always with this line of coffees) a stunning, velvety brown crema. I could not wait to take the first sip (that is the absolute best part of an espresso)!

The taste hit me like a ton of bricks right away.  This is a very dark coffee that packs a powerful punch. The initial taste is smoky, burnt and pleasantly bitter.  One would think that these characteristics would make Times Square difficult to drink.  It is quite the opposite. One of the most appealing qualities of espresso is the smooth taste and mouth feel, leaving even he darkest coffees suitable to be enjoyed black. The back end brought out a spicy (sage) and chocolate taste that was lively and enjoyable. The body is heavy and the flavor lingers for quite some time.  This all lends itself to taking your time and sipping this indulgence- as it was meant to be.

Another interesting feature of this Nespresso capsule it the "legs".  Can coffee have legs, like wine?  Well, I say it can so its official.

I believe the legs you see on the cup explain why the taste lingers for so long on your tongue- another wonderful aspect of espresso. 

I would recommend this espresso to all uber dark coffee fans.  In addition, if you currently use Kazaar, Dharkan. Ristretto, Appeggio or Roma Nespresso capsules, Times Square is a great choice for you!

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