Frankenstein K-cup Up-cycle Project for Halloween

Posted on Wed, Sep 30, 2015

Looking for a fun Halloween craft project to do with your kids? Well, look no further, you have come to the right spot! Not only is this DIY Halloween decoration fun and easy for kids of all ages,  but it is a great way to up-cycle your used K-cups! These Frankenstein heads come together super quick with just a few easy materials. 

You will need:

  • Used k-cups, emptied, washed and dried.
  • green acrylic paint 
  • black acrylic paint 
  • black pipe cleaners
  • googly eyes 
  • small scissors 
  • small craft paint brush and sponge brush


1. Empty the used K-cups by pulling out the liner and rinsing them. Allow them to air dry prior to using. This K-cup recycling tool makes taking it apart super easy.

2. Use the sponge paint brush to paint each K-cup green. I found that the best strokes to evenly coat the K-cups were up and down. Allow them to air dry for several hours. 

3. Give each K-cup 2 eyes. My googly eyes had sticky backs so I was able to stick them right onto the K-cup. 

4. Use the small pair of scissors to make a hole in the side of Frankenstein's head for the bolts to go through.

5. Cut the black pipe cleaner into about 1" sections and fold in half. Push it about 1/2 way through the hole to give him bolts. 

6. Use a small paint brush and black acrylic paint to paint the top of the K-cup, making Frankenstein's hair. Use the small brush to give him a few wispy hairs in front and a mouth. 

7. Repeat with all the k-cups

These adorable  little guys would make a perfect class Halloween party project (paint them ahead of time) or just a simple way to spend time with your children on a cozy fall day!

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