Posted on Mon, Sep 11, 2017

If you love coffee, then you know there’s nothing quite like that first cup in the morning—hot, flavorful, a helpful cup to get you on your way to the rest of the day. And when it comes to comparing coffee, there’s nothing quite like a well-brewed cup (and nothing quite as bad as one that isn’t as well-done).

I love my Keurig® brewer more than anything and many people have switched to automatic or quick-brew solutions for their coffee, and while those work just fine, there’s something really wonderful about treating yourself to a hand-brewed cup of joe. And in fact, some hand-brew methods, like French press, don’t take as long as you might think they do—just a few minutes—and the rewards are worth it.

A French press comes in a variety of sizee and only require you to mix boiling water with coffee of your choice. The steps to take aren’t hard to master, and the tips for doing it well are easy enough too. Here’s a graphic that explains it all:

The step-by-step guide to brewing perfect French press coffee.
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