Green Mountain French Vanilla Keurig Kcups on Sale!

Posted on Wed, Apr 22, 2015

This week our Wacky Wednesday sale includes classic flavored Keurig Kcups by Green Mountain...French Vanilla. French Vanilla is a flavored Kcup coffee lover's dream come true.  This delicious roast offers creamy vanilla tastes and aromas accented by high-quality gourmet coffee in a single-serve format. 

Green Mountain French Vanilla Kcup coffee is on sale for $11.99 per box of 24!


We can't forget our tea drinkers and the health conscience.  Twinings is the ultimate authority on tea and one of the front runners when it comes to the Keurig pod format.  Twinings offers us a delicious green tea packed with powerful antioxidants and is a comforting, warm simple pleasure. 

Twinings Green Tea is on sale for $9.99 per box of 24!


Keurig 2.0 users, we feel your pain.  Kcarafes are so difficult to find and the variety can be dismal.  Not to mention a sale price- that is unheard of.  Until now!  We are rapidly expanding our line of Kcarafe, 2.0 compatible coffees and featuring at least one roast every week in our Wacky Wednesday sale.  This weeks roast...Green Mountain French Vanilla of course- grab some Kcups just for you and the Kcarafes to share : )

Green Mountain French Vanilla Kcarafe coffee is on sale for $7.99 per box of 4!


Nespresso coffee drinkers, don't worry, we could never forget you.  Our Hiline Coffee Nespresso compatible coffee pods are growing in popularity among espresso drinkers for their low, low price, and high, high quality.  Not to mention the ease of ordering.  Hiline coffee offers a unique and fun New York-themed approach to their roasts.  Somehow they have managed to capture the true essence of each and every one of their Nespresso capsules with an NYC-themed name.  This week we are featuring SoHo. If you have ever been to SoHo, you certainly know what we mean when we say refined diversity. That characteristic shines through in SoHo espresso with uncommon yet perfectly paired hints of blackberry and chocolate.  

Soho Nespresso compatible coffee is on sale for $4.99 per box of 4!


Last but not least, say hello to the world's best travel mug by Contigo. Contigo offers us an insanely high-quality and attractive stainless steel product.  These travel mugs will keep beverages hot or cold for HOURS!  I use my Contigo mug every single day for both coffee and water.  The lid is easy to use and yes it is ACTUALLY leakproof.

Greyed Jade Contigo travel mugs are on sale for $16.99 each- that is a $3.00 savings!


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