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Calories can sneak up in the darnedest places. How about when you discover your favorite "healthy" snack has a boatload of calories...isn'tthat just peachy?  Granola is my nemesis, delicious, filling, good for you but man oh man it is jam packed with those pesky little calories that seem to just head straight to my hips. 

There is only one way to win this battle- knowledge.  You must arm yourself with the nutritional information of the foods and drinks you consume the most.  I enjoy a Hiline Coffee Nespresso compatible coffee capsule every afternoon...ok I have two every afternoon, happy?! Is this daily treat contributing to my shrinking jeans?

Let's find out...

Ground espresso contains .12/calorie per gram.  The average pod for Nespresso brewers contains 5 grams of coffee (the lungo varieties contain 7).  Therefore these single serve espresso pods contain around .6/ calorie.  I think it is safe to round up to 1.  

One calorie per espresso pod. Not too shabby.

It might seem odd to you that espresso contains any calories at all.  As a espresso drinker you are well aware that the best part is the crema.  Crema comes from the natural oils occurring in the coffee beans.  The calorie in an espresso pod comes from that oil. This is a healthy oil in fact espresso itself has quite a multitude of health benefits:

There is no saturated fat, cholesterol or sugar.  
It contains iron, magnesium, maganese, niacin, potassium, riboflavin, vitamin C and zinc!

Who knew?  

The trouble comes in when you start adding ingredients to your espresso.  You would probably pass out if your realized just how many calories are in those tasty concoctions served at coffee shops.  There is one Starbucks drink in particular that contains nearly 600 calories!!  Dairy products, sugar and syrups are packed with calories and quickly destroy your healthy little shot of espresso.  Stick with a simple dash of milk, a cappuccino (espresso + milk + air) or an Americano (espresso + water) to keep the calories in check. 

Better yet, brew it at home so that you are in control.  

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