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First. let me clarify right away. When we refer to an "espresso pod" we are referencing  capsules that work with Nespresso coffee brewers. They are an ultra convenient, ultra delicious way to get a quick caffeine boost (or as I prefer to savor for as long as possible).  But, just how much caffeine do these little babies contain?  Lets find out...

-The typical brewed espresso capsule contains 60-70mg of caffeine.
-The lungo varieties contain a bit more espresso therefore, a bit more caffeine. They come in at about 80-90mg.
-Decaf espresso pods contain less than 1mg.

Nespresso compatible coffees are generally scored by an intensity rating of 1-10. Don't be confused, this intensity rating by no means determines its strength or level of caffeine it simply indicates the level of roasting (1 would be very light, 10 would be very dark).
There is a common misnomer when it comes to the caffeine content of espresso. I often hear people say how strong it is and what a buzz they get from a shot because of the supposed high caffeine content.  Until really studying this subject those statements irritated me because I knew that a shot of espresso in fact contains less caffeine than a typical cup of drip coffee.  

An average cup of drip coffee contains around 90-120mg of caffeine.  Last time I checked 90-120 is higher than 60-70 leaving me to believe I was right- espresso contains less caffeine than traditional drip coffee. 

Unless you compare the two by volume.

If you break it down to the amount of caffeine per ounce, the numbers are shocking:

Drip style coffee (or Keurig Kcups) contain about 8-15mg of caffeine per ounce.
Espresso contains a whopping 30-50mg per ounce!

Uh oh. I was wrong.

This explains why espresso is served in very small portions and multiple cups can be savored without a huge effect from the caffeine. Long story short...espresso is a compact little ball of caffeine goodness but, the small shots make our bodies happy by keeping it in moderation.

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