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how to adjust the settings on a keurig

Back in my day, Keurig® brewers had one button to make a cup of coffee, and it was not of the fancy touchscreen variety. Now Keurig® coffee makers look space age and come with all sorts of bells and whistles making the resulting cup of joe even more personal. Coffee too hot? You can make it cooler. Too watered down? You can adjust the cup size. Prefer an extra strong cup? There is a feature for that as well.

Although the choices are great, there are two that I believe genuinely impact the quality of coffee, temperature and cup size. I will teach you how to adjust those on a variety of Keurig® brewer models. 

How to modify the temperature setting on Keurig® Plus models

The factory preset temperature is 192 degrees, which I find to be just right, others disagree. That's okay, we can all have our way.

On the touchscreen:

  • Choose settings.
  • Choose temperature.
  • You will see five temperature choices, adjust to your preference using the up and down arrows.
  • Choose save.



How to modify the cup size on Keurig® Plus models

On the touchscreen:
  • Choose settings.
  • Choose preferred brew settings.
  • Select the K-Cup® pod option.
  • To adjust the amount of water used in the brew cycle select brew size. The smaller amounts of water will produce a stronger cup of coffee. The larger amounts of water will thin your coffee. You should see 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounce water settings.
  • You may also enable the "strong" feature for an even greater kick.
To adjust the brew size while using a K-Carafe® or K-Mug® pod:
  • Choose settings.
  • Choose preferred brew settings.
  • Select the number that corresponds with the lid on your pod.
  • Select your desired brew size.

These instructions apply to the K-Plus® and Keurig® 2.0 models. If you have an older brewer, you may see a heart icon that will take you directly to the favorites setting screen. K-Elite® users look for a double gear image in the upper left-hand corner of your display screen.


Keurig® makes our morning cup extra personal with each new brewer model. You may have noticed that there are settings labeled 1-6. As of today, only one and two are  taken by the K-Mug® and K-Carafe® pods which leads me to believe that we have some new products coming soon! For now, I cherish the strong button. It initiates a pulse brew technology that allows the water more lengthy and thorough contact with the coffee grinds. Combine the "strong" option with a lower water amount, and that is my perfect cup of joe! Thank you, Keurig®!


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