How to Make Your Own Coffee With a Keurig® 2.0 Brewer

Posted on Tue, Mar 08, 2016


Until now, it was not possible to brew your own coffee with Keurig® 2.0. That is without risking the health of your machine by using a renegade knock off type of filter. Coffee drinkers around the world made it known that this was a feature that they simply must have, Keurig listened and created the My K-Cup® reusable coffee filter for Keurig® 2.0.

Hooray for freedom of choice, hooray for corporate responsibility, hooray for listening to your users!

The My K-Cup® for 2.0 is much improved over its predecessor used in classic Keurig® models and the best part is it is super easy to use. 

(Before the first use, you should wash your My K-Cup® with warm, soapy water)

To brew your own coffee with a Keurig® 2.0 with a My K-Cup® reusable filter:

  • Remove the lid. You will notice a lock and unlock icon on the lid of your My K-Cup®. Turn the unlock picture toward the center handle of the filter. You should now be able to easily lift off the lid. 
  • You can now fill your filter with ground coffee of your choice. If you are grinding your own beans, you will want to use a coarse grind. In addition, you should never use anything in the filter besides coffee. No tea, No hot cocoa...only coffee. 
  • The filter will hold up to 2.5 Tbsp of coffee, the amount you use depends on your desired strength of coffee. 
  • Do not compress the grinds in the filter, simple scoop them in leaving them slightly loose. 
  • Replace the lid by aligning the lock with the center handle and turning clockwise.
  • Place the filter in your brewer with the locks towards the bottom and the writing towards to top. Press down firmly. 
  • Close the lid, select your cup size and push brew. If your touchscreen asks for a number select #4.
  • When the brew cycle is complete, lift the handle and remove the filter. 
  • Remove the My K-Cup® lid over a sink, discard the coffee grinds (they make great compost!), and wash with soap and water or in the top shelf of your dishwasher. 

Viola, perfectly brewed coffee that YOU chose all in under a minute! My one tip would be to keep two My K-Cup® filters on hand. This allows a backup when one is in the dishwasher. In addition there are a few troubleshooting issues that I have come across. 

First, if you encounter an "oops" message, simply lift the handle, wait 30 seconds and try again. 

Second, If your encounter a "sorry, brew interrupted" message you filter is probably overfilled. Make sure your coffee is below the max fill line and try again. 

Click here for addition trouble shooting tips and frequently asked questions.

Now the sky is the limit with over 200 K-Cup® roasts plus any ground coffee (click here to see a few of my favorites) your heart desires. There just is not much your Keurig® coffee maker can not do. 

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