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One of the best ways to save money on K-Cup® coffee pods is to buy in bulk. Or, put another way, if you are buying the small 12 or 18 K-Cup® packs, you are paying top dollar for your morning fix. It is far more efficient to buy a larger quantity, significantly reducing your per cup cost. The per cup cost of K-Cup® pods is always the key. I am as baffled as the next guy as to why there are so many box sizes, I have seen 12, 16, 18, 24, 48, 96 and 120 count boxes. Leading me to the determination that it is essential to always, always divide the total cost by the number of cups, to determine the actual value. Taking this step is a sure fire way to instantly reduce your Keurig® K-Cup® pods bill, and I am willing to bet that K-Cup® pods in bulk will always be cheapest.

I will start by telling you where you will not find K-Cup® coffee in bulk- retail chains or the grocery store. In general, these establishments are contracted with Keurig® to sell 12 or 18 count boxes of K-Cup® pods, and that is all. I am certain this is a case of shelf space to get the most brands in front of you, in the most efficient way possible.

So where does one find K-Cup® pods in bulk?

The question is, what do you consider bulk? After all, a one-person household may look at the idea of quantity far differently that a busy six person family or even a small business. Given these differing perspectives let's start with the lowest bulk option- the 24 count box. K-Cups® in bulk 24 count boxes is hard to come by, as they are distributed by Keurig® or Keurig® Authorized dealers only. We are a Keurig® Authorized Dealer, as such, we sell online as well as to local homes and businesses.


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As we move up the ladder of bulk K-Cup® pods, we come to variety packs. Licensed variety packs are offered in quantities of 48 or 96 as they are simply the combination of 24 count boxes. Again, these are provided directly by Keurig® or authorized dealers. Generally, these will come at a relatively decent discount in addition to the already reduced one box price. For example on our site, you would save $1.00 on most of the 96 count variety packs over what you would pay individually. However, keep in mind that you are already getting a reduced per cup cost on the individual boxes because they are larger from the start.

The next option for saving with bulk K-Cup® coffee pods is case sizes. A case contains 96 K-Cup® pods and usually follows the same pricing rules as the variety packs. The difference is the case option contains all of one type of K-Cup® coffee.

Bulk may also mean a subscription type format. Where in you are purchasing a large amount of K-Cup® pods over time rather than all at once. Committing to a subscription saves 5% with every shipment. I know that 5% does not sound like much of savings but, compounded over time, it is huge. Pair it with a larger box size- perhaps even a case and you are saving 5% on top of the case discount, on top of the already reduced per cup price creating the ultimate savings in bulk K-Cup® capsule option!

I have one word of warning about K-Cup® pods in careful from whom you buy. Authorized dealers will always sell in a box format, that is if you purchase a case of K-Cup® pods it will contain four boxes. It will not include a box of 96 loose, miscellaneous K-cup® capsules (membership clubs are an exception to this rule). That is sloppy and against labeling laws. Chances are you will be getting a lower quality product that may not operate properly in your brewer.

What have we learned?

To get K-Cup® coffee in bulk at the lowest possible price always buy from Keurig® or an authorized dealer and always choose a subscription of a case size.

Purchase K-Cup® pods in bulk here:>>

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