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Iced Starbucks Blonde Americano made with a Keurig Brewer

Several of Starbucks®  famous coffee roasts are available in the Keurig®  K-Cup®  pod format including French Roast, Pike Place, Breakfast Blend, Veranda, Cafe Verona, and Caramel. For my fellow Starbucks junkies, this has been a dream come true as we can now feed our habit right in our own home- any time of day. No more searching for a 24 hour Starbucks®  or wishing they delivered! The only thing missing in the pod format is an espresso. Keurig®  brewers are not capable of brewing a true espresso but, using the lowest water setting of the machine is close enough for me. 

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Speaking of espresso, you may have noticed that blonde espresso is the latest craze at Starbucks®  stores. This is a lighter option for those who prefer a little less of a burnt taste. There is also a blonde coffee available and lucky for us, it comes in a K-Cup®  pod! Veranda Blend is a staple in the Starbucks®  line up and the star of the new blonde revolution!

box of Starbucks Blonde roast Kcups

The most recent addition to the Starbucks®  coffee menu is an Iced Blonde Americano. An Americano is an espresso shot served diluted with either hot or cold water. The general ratio is 2:1 (water to espresso). This drink was created by American soldiers on tour in Europe. The European standard cup of joe is an ultra thick espresso. The soldiers, not used to such a potent brew, added water to suit their tastes and the Americano was born. Starbucks has now modified the classic by using a blonde roast espresso. The goal of the modification was to create a smoother Americano, and I have to say - it was a success!

Veranda Blend Blonde Roast Keurig K-Cup coffee pods

The cost of an Iced Blonde Americano varies by location and of course size but, the average for a tall (medium) is $3.65- ouch! Considering that it is two-thirds water, I can not justify spending that much. Instead, I am making mine at home!



  • Fill a large double wall plastic cup with ice. 
  • Brew your Veranda K-Cup®  pod on the lowest water setting of your Keurig®  and if you have a 2.0 model, choose the "strong" option. 
  • Fill the cup the rest of the way with cold water. 

Keurig K-Cup Iced Blonde Americano Recipe

That's it. Can you believe how easy that is? The Starbucks®  version of this baby has multiple shots of espresso, and if you are very caffeine tolerant, you can use 2 "shots" of Veranda as well. But, be warned that will give you over 200g of caffeine which is A LOT! I would warn against it; the choice is yours. The Americano is designed to be consumed black but, if you must add milk or cream- have at it. For reference, I usually add cream to my morning cup but, find that it is entirely unnecessary with this recipe. I enjoy the crisp, light body without it - almost like an iced tea (and it remains gluten-free and vegan). There are only about 15 calories in this drink and 3g of carbs.

Iced Blonde Americano Copycat Starbucks Recipe

I will admit that I do still indulge in the official Starbucks®  version, to order choose your size first: short (small), tall (medium), and grande (large). Then you will simply say an Iced Blonde Americano. My suggestion is to order the smallest size and ask for a .50 refill (coffee addicts insiders tip)!

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