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From the very first day our newest Keurig® K-Cup® pod family member (Cafe Bustelo) arrived, I knew that Cafe Con Leche was in my very near future. Cafe Con Leche is a must in most Spanish homes. Literally translated it means coffee with milk. This is a traditional beverage that has been enjoyed for many years and has made its way across oceans to our own breakfast tables, thanks mostly to the growing popularity of the Cuban born Cafe Bustelo. I for one am eternally grateful to Mr. Bustelo for introducing us to his unique coffee roasting techniques that we can now enjoy in the Keurig® K-Cup® pod format.

Cafe Con Leche consists of a very strong coffee, scalded milk and sugar. This is similar to a Cafe Latte except for the handling of the sugar and a slight difference in the milk. With the help of my Keurig® brewer I was able to whip up my very own Cafe Con Leche in no time flat.
1 C milk (preferably whole or 2%)
1 Tbsp sugar

  • Start by heating the milk in a sauce pan on a stove top using a medium to high temperature, stirring occasionally. Bring the milk just to the brink of a boil (remove as soon as you see large bubbles start to form).
  • While the milk is heating, add the sugar to a medium mug. 
  • Next, brew your Cafe Bustelo Espresso pod on the lowest water setting of your coffee maker directly into the same mug containing the sugar. 
  • Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  • Once the milk is heated completely, you can now pour it over the brewed and sweetened coffee.
  • I like a little froth to my milk so I use my frothing wand or sometimes just a blender to whip up the last little bit of milk and top my Cafe Con Leche. It adds more texture that I find enjoyable.

The sugar in this recipe is of optional however, I would highly recommend it. Something amazing happens when it is stirred directly in with the coffee. It produced a caramel type of flavor that quite frankly makes this drink something special. After all, you only live once, splurge a little!


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