How to Make Witches Brew Coffee

Posted on Mon, Oct 23, 2017

My first experience with coffee was at a college as a barista. In between each class, I would serve a mad rush of exhausted scholars. My customers were mainly returning students who were balancing a family, career, and pursuing a college degree. To describe them as exhausted is an understatement. Many would arrive at 6:00 pm for evening classes after a full day of work and a stop at home to feed their children. These people needed caffeine and lots of it. For this reason alone, the witches brew joined our coffee menu. 

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Photo credit: Keurig® Green Mountain®: used with permission

The Witches Brew is magical however you will need to set your cauldron aside; this caffeine filled potion requires a Keurig® brewer instead. In my barista days, the Witches Brew recipe combined an unassuming roast such as Colombian or any breakfast blend brought to life with a shot of espresso. Keurig® brewers are not capable of preparing an authentic espresso but, Dark Magic K-Cup® coffee is the next best thing.

You will need:

  • 1 of any other K-Cup® pod you have on hand preferably a medium or light roast
  • Brew your Dark Magic K-Cup® coffee pod on the lowest water setting of your Keurig® brewer. Choose the "strong" option if you are using a 2.0; be sure to use a large mug (it will need to hold at least 18 ounces).
  • Next, brew your standard K-Cup® pod on your preferred water setting directly into the same mug. I would recommend a Fair Trade Select Colombian on the 10-ounce option.

Your Witches Brew coffee will pack a powerful caffeine punch so please skip this drink if you are caffeine sensitive. For the rest of us, enjoy a turbocharged boost that is sure to help you fly through your busy spell casting days! Most coffee shops serve Witches Brew; it often appears under different names such as a Red Eye. But, you don't need to worry about that you can now make your very own Witches Brew right at home, using your Keurig® coffee brewer!

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