How to Prepare Tea Using a French Press

Posted on Fri, Mar 27, 2015

I adore using a french press for leisurely weekend coffee. I enjoy the simplistic process, the aromas and most of all the amazing results.  French press produces hands down the smoothest, best tasting coffee on the planet. Its the kind of coffee that you take a sip and involuntarily let out a satisfying ahhh....

I wish that I had time to use it during the week. Until I retire (or win the lottery) and have no children to get off to school in the morning, weekdays = Keurig.  But, I did find an alternate use for my beloved french press that I am really enjoying- tea! Steeping loose tea leaves with a french Press is so easy and the the results are out of this world. The tea leaves are free to float around and have plenty of space to release all of their delicious flavors and aromas for your sipping pleasure. The best part is, preparing tea with a french press is super easy!

- Start by boiling enough water to fill your french press plus a little extra to warm the carafe and your mug. 

- Once the water has reached the boiling point, remove it from the heat source and pour a small amount into you french press carafe and mug.  Swish it around to warm both.

- Let the remaining water sit for about 30 seconds.  This should take it down to just about the perfect brewing temperature. 

- Add your desired amount of tea leaves to the french press. The general rule is 1 1/2 tsp per 8 ounces of water but, this is of course adjustable to suit your tastes.

- Add the water to the carafe directly over the tea leaves.

- Place the plunger and lid on your french press in the up position.

- Allow the tea leaves to steep 1-7 minutes (again, adjust to your taste).

- Press the plunger down slowly and evenly. 

- Pour into your favorite tea cup and enjoy!

At this point you can choose to discard your tea leaves or re steep them for your next cup.  I highly recommend re steeping them, there is still a ton of flavor left.  In fact I have been know to re steep my tea leaves 5-6 times (I reuse my Kcup teas at least twice as well)!

Using a french press to make tea is perfect for guests or to keep all to yourself!

This is the french press I currently use and love it (I especially love the under $10 price tag!).  But, I hope to up grade soon to this beautiful, huge, stainless steel model. This loose leaf green tea by Sencha is my current brand of choice.  

Do you use your french press for tea making?

Do you have any suggestions for other ways to use a french press?

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