How to Use a Coffee Dripper

Posted on Wed, Feb 11, 2015


My recent realization that like zero hotels have coffee brewers in their rooms anymore led me on a quest for a simple, portable method for brewing coffee while traveling. A french press would work but, I wondered if there was anything even small and more simple, simpler? fuller of simplicity? You get my point. 

I stumbled upon coffee drippers and at first glance they seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. These goofy looking little things are also  known as a pour over, coffee cone or coffee funnel.  Many swear by them as the best way to brew coffee (but, many swear by the dozens of other methods as well).  The coffee dripper consists of one solid piece that appears to be a cross between a mug and a funnel. Paper filters are required unless you want to pay an arm and a leg for re-usable stainless steel filter

You will also need a mug and 1/8 cup of coffee beans (or a slightly smaller amount of pre-ground).


- Start by boiling your water (filtered or bottled water is best). 

- Meanwhile, place the coffee dripper on top of the mug.

- Place the coffee filter in side of the dripper.

- Wet the filter with the now heated water.

- Grind the coffee to a fine or medium grind.

- Pour the now ground coffee into the filter.

- Use your finger tip to make a well in the middle of the coffee.

- Pour a small amount of water over the coffee grinds (just enough to wet them).

- Wait 30 seconds.

- Slowly pour the rest of the water over the coffee grinds in a small circular motion.  Maintain control of the water flow, this is much easier with water kettles that have a long spout such as this one (be sure not to overflow the mug, insert burn disclaimer here).

You now have a perfectly prepared, hopefully delicious mug of drip coffee.  I did find the results of this method to be a bit on the weaker side opposed to french press preparation. It will probably not be my go to coffee brewing system however, it will be my new travel companion!

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