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Here we cross paths with the elusive Keurig® brewer maintenance accessory tool; it's very existence denied while others having witnessed it yet to address how to use it. No one talks about it, even less know what to do with it. Keurig's® information is sketchy at best, and why doesn't it have a name? K-cleaner, Keurig® needle aid, or perhaps the K-tool...alas, we do not have the answers to all of these questions; however, we have determined its use.

The Keurig® brewer maintenance accessory began to be distributed with some Keurig® 2.0's in recent years. As you may have guessed the distribution has been spotty at best, the information even worse. But, if you do have one, it is a convenient way to keep your brewer operating at its best.

There are two needles contained in the brew basket of your Keurig® coffee maker. One punctures the top of your K-Cup® or K-Carafe® pods and the other pierces the bottom. The Keurig® brewer maintenance accessory should be used when you suspect either of these needles to be clogged. A clogged needle will result in brewing issues such as a half cup, an "exploding" K-Cup® pod, no water dispensed or grinds in your cup. If any of these events occur, it is time to pull out the Keurig® maintenance accessory.

Start by filling the small reservoir with water. Be careful to avoid the sharp needles.


Next, raise and lower the brewer handle five times. This will plunge the entrance needle into the water. Generally, if a needle is clogged it is the entrance (top) one. Immersing it in the water will loosen any grinds trapped inside. 


Finally, remove the maintenance accessory and perform a water only brew cycle. Do this by raising and lowering the brew handle and then follow the instructions on the screen. Be sure to have a mug on the drip tray to capture the draining water. 

From personal experience I would highly recommend descaling your brewer at this point in time. It has been my experience that the vast majority of Keurig® performance issues are resolved by using the maintenance accessory and/ or performing a descaling. When performed in conjunction your chances of heading back to optimal coffee brewing are amplified. You can find easy instructions on how to clean your Keurig® 2.0 here. And as always we recommend using this Keurig® descaling solution.

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