Posted on Wed, Mar 02, 2016

Death_Wish_Coffee_tasting_review.jpgThe coffee gurus at Death Wish were kind enough to send me a bag of their specialty brew to help facilitate my death wish.

Don't worry, it is just a caffeine death wish. But, if this is my death wish...please, take me now.

With the addition of the new and improved My K-cup reusable filter, I have been having an absolute blast trying new whole bean coffees. Preferably organic. Hopefully a darker roast. Fair Trade would be nice.

All of that is optional, when it comes to caffeine, there is no messing around. I don't do decaf. In fact the more caffeine the better. I seem to have a pretty high tolerance level when it comes to my addiction and it takes a special roast to give me the jolt I am looking for. 

Enter Death Wish Coffee


Death Wish Coffee checks off all of my requirements and then some. This is an organic, Fair Trade, dark roast, whole bean coffee...all of that is great but, what sets it apart is the caffeine. Death Wish combines just the right beans roasted in a revolutionary way that produces TWICE the caffeine of other coffees. TWICE!


Mike Brown, the founder of Death Wish Coffee heard the same thing day after day from his coffee shop customers...give me your strongest brew. He obliged but, there really wasn't a coffee that stood out as exceptionally strong. So, he invented one. After months of testing and sourcing the perfect beans, Death Wish Coffee was born. Brown's customers loved it and he knew he had to take it national. 

Since then Death Wish has topped the charts in popularity on site such as Amazon. Word began to spread and Death Wish took off like wildfire. Since Death Wish has been dubbed "the worlds strongest coffee" I knew I had to try it. 

I chose to brew my Death Wish beans using my Keurig 2.0 filter. I first ground the beans to a coarse consistency and used about 2 tablespoons on the 10 ounce water setting. 

The result was a pitch black cup of joe with absolutely no translucency. When I say pitch black, it was truly black, not dark brown, not kinda black- pitch black. A color I am not sure I have seen before when it comes to coffee. This frankly scared the heck out of me. I thought for sure that I was about to choke down yet another overly done dark roast coffee that had been burnt beyond recognition. 


That was not the case...at all!

The first sip was astoundingly palatable. I was not inundated with tastes of ash rather a citrus taste on the tip of my tongue followed up with hints of sweet fruit and chocolate. It was astounding! I could tell that Death Wish had been roasted very mindfully producing the intended result without smoke and mirrors. 

Don't get me wrong, this is a very dark cup of coffee but, I can still taste the coffee. That is always something that seems to be lacking in poorly done dark roasts. The mouth feel is moderate when served black and silky with a splash of cream. 

I would highly recommend Death Wish to dark roast coffee drinkers. Medium. light and flavored coffee lovers...this is not the brew for you. Although, if you have been considering a transition to the darker side, this is a great one to try. 

Now, for the real test...did Death Wish get me through my daily 2pm tired spell? Absolutely. This is the first coffee in a very long time that left me buzzing! Death Wish pulled me through the afternoon, got this post written, my house cleaned, my car washed and the laundry done. Thank you Death Wish for making my day a productive one!

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