Important Keurig Recall Information

Posted on Thu, Jan 01, 2015

Keurig has announced a voluntary recall of the K10 Mini Plus brewer (formerly the B31).  This is a popular gift item especially among college students. If you know anyone using the Keurig Mini Plus brewer, please pass this important information on to them.

The Keurig K10 Mini Plus brewer is pictured below.  It is sold online and in retail establishments. A description can be found here.


There have been 200 reports of incidents caused by this brewer.  All stating that the machine has overheated and sprayed hot liquid.  These coffee units are especially susceptible to malfunction when brewing two or more K-cups in a row. Because of the burn potential caused by this malfunction Keurig is recalling all 7.2 million K10 brewers produced prior to July 2014 with serial numbers that start with '31' (the serial number can be found on the bottom of your Keurig). The recall does not affect any other brewer models. 

Repair kits are being disbursed to those affected. If you are the owner of a K10 Mini Plus brewer (or B31) please visit this website to claim your kit now. 

Don't worry, you will not be without your precious morning coffee until your repair kit arrives.  You may continue to use your unit at your own risk but, be sure to avoid brewing two or more K-cups in a row and stay at least an arms length away during the brew process. 

P.S. Although the Mini Plus brewer is a great option for small spaces and it budget friendly, we still recommend the K145 Office Pro Premiere simply because it is much more cost effective.  For a comparison and tips on how to get more bang for your buck, click here.

Have you been affected by this recall?  If so have you received a repair kit and was it easy to do?

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