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Posted on Tue, Feb 14, 2017

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K-Carafe® pods are the culmination of years of requests by consumers for the ability to brew a carafe size pot using their Keurig® coffee makers. Luckily, Keurig® is very in tuned with their user's desires and delivered big time! K-Carafe® pods brew a carafe with Keurig® 2.0 coffee makers giving coffee lovers more flexibility with their precious cup of joe. In addition to the standard K-Cup® pods, the K-carafe® will work with the same unit allowing a seamless transition from single cup to pot size.

These pods are capable of making up to 4 cups (30 ounces) of coffee but, that is completely adjustable to suit your tastes. Your unit will allow you to choose between 2-3 cups (22 ounces), 3-4 cups (26 ounces), or 4-5 cups (30 ounces). I have found the 4 cup option to be the best choice for the amount of coffee grounds in each capsule. The higher or lower water settings tend to either be a bit too weak or too strong for me. However, the choice is yours and even more importantly, you can now share with a friend!

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K-Carafe® pods are easily recyclable as the lids tear off, taking the filter and coffee with it. Simply dispose of that portion and recycle the plastic cup curbside (check with your municipality to assure they take this type of plastic). 

Keurig® has decided to keep the K-Carafe® pod family small (for now) choosing only the best and creating a perfect variety for your collection. There are a variety of gourmet roasts available in the K-Carafe® format including:

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Decaf

Green Mountain French Roast

Green Mountain French Vanilla

Newman's Special Blend Organic

Donut Shop

Tully's Hawaiian Blend

All Keurig® 2.0 brewers will come with a standard plastic carafe for brewing your K-Carafe® pods, however, although the quality is fine, it does not keep the coffee hot for very long. For this reason, I would highly recommend purchasing the alternative stainless steel carafe. Neither the plastic or stainless steel carafe are dishwasher safe, both must be washed by hand. This leads me to one more point about the carafe, it is specially designed to work with the technology of Keurig® 2.0. Therefore, you can not use just any old carafe, it must be a Keurig® brand intended for use with 2.0.

In addition, although there is a My K-Cup® reusable filter available for Keurig® 2.0 that will allow you to brew your own ground coffee, it only works for the one cup option. At this time, there is not a reusable filter that will work with the carafe size settings.

K-Carafe® pods have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for Keurig® users. Now you can enjoy a cup just for you or share with guests. This new found diversity breaks the chains that previously bound single cup coffee brewing systems. 

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