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Our K-Cup® up-cycling continues! We have done pilgrim hats, turkeys and Frankenstein heads. Now it is time to move on to Christmas. With Christmas being the mother of all holidays (and we have a pile of K-Cup® pods to use up) we decided to go big with not just one or two K-Cup® Christmas up-cycling projects but, THREE adorable kid friendly crafts. 

1) Santa Hat Ornaments

You will need: 

  • multiple used K-Cup® pods, washed and dried
  • red spray paint
  • black ribbon
  • white puffy paint
  • small glue dots

*all supplies can be purchase here (affiliate link)

1. Spray paint the clean and dry K-Cup® pods using red spray paint and allow them to air dry for a few hours. 
2. Place one small glue dot on the back middle of the K-Cup® pods and place one end of the black ribbon on the glue dot. Gently wrap the ribbon around the K-Cup® pod making a belt. Add another glue dot on the back to K-Cup® pod and attach the ribbon (see photo). 

3. Use the white puffy paint to make a small buckle on the front of Santa's belt (see photo). 

4. Allow the puffy paint to dry. 
5. Last, cut the black ribbon 2-3" and insert both ends into small hole on top of the K-Cup® pod. Pull both ends through and knot. Hang on your tree. 

2) Snowmwen
You will need:
  • used K-Cup® pods, washed and dried - 2 per snowman
  • white spray paint
  • google eyes
  • orange puffy paint
  • black puffy paint
  • glue stick or glue dots
  • small black buttons
  • scissors
  • black or brown pipecleaners
  • black foam sheet (found at craft stores) 
  • small black pop bottle caps 
*all supplies can be purchase here (affiliate link)
1. Paint each K-Cup® pod using the white spray paint and allow them to dry several hours. 
2. Connect each snowman using the glue stick or glue dots and allow them to set (see photo).
3. Cut a small circle out of the black foam (I did this by eye) and glue it onto the top of each snowman. Next, glue each black cap onto the black foam piece and let set.
4. Give each snowman 2 google eyes. 
5. Use the orange puffy paint for the snowman's nose. 
6. Use the black puffy paint for the snowman's mouth. 
7. Use the glue stick or the glue dots to affix 2-3 small black buttons to the front of the snowman. 
8. Cut the pipe cleaners into 2-2 1/2" inch sections. Cut a smaller piece and wrap it around the longer pipecleaner to make 'branches'.
9. Use the small scissors to poke a small hole into the side of the snowman's body and insert the snowman's arms. 

3) Reindeer
You will need:
  • used k-cups, washed and dried - 2 per reindeer
  • glue dots or Elmer's clear glue
  • small red pom poms (reindeer's nose)
  • google eyes
  • black or brown pipe cleaners
  • brown spray paint or brown acrylic paint
  • sponge paint brush if using acrylic paint
  • small sharp scissors
  • glue stick
*all supplies can be purchase here (affiliate link)
1. Paint each clean K-Cup® pod brown and allow them to air dry. 
2. Connect each K-Cup® pod by using the glue dots or clear glue and allow them to set. 

3. Place 2 google eyes one end of each reindeer body and give each reindeer a red nose.
4. Use the small scissors to poke holes into the sides of the K-Cup® pods for antlers and legs. 
5. Fold 4 pipe cleaners in 1/2, trim the ends 1-2" and twist to make 1 leg. Repeat with the other 2 pipe cleaners. Place into the small holes made for the reindeer's body. 

6.  Use the scissors to cut the pipe cleaners the desired length for antlers. Mine were about 1 1/2-2" in length. I then cut 1/2" inch sections of the pipecleaners and wrapped 2 around the longer pipecleaner making the reindeers antlers and placed them into the side holes. 

All three of these easy K-Cup® pod up-cycle crafts for Christmas are kid friendly and make a great class party activity. Just paint the base colors on the K-Cup® pods the day before the party and the kids can do the rest. 
Happy crafting!


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