How to Achieve Optimal Brew Temperatures with a Keurig® Coffee Maker

Posted on Thu, Sep 11, 2014

There are several opinions out there when it comes to the best temperature at which to brew coffee. The good news is they all come in within a few degrees. In general it can be agreed that the optimal temperature for a perfect cup of joe is somewhere between 190-200 degrees Fahrenheit. The upper echelon of drinkers spend a tremendous amount of time arguing this detail down to a 2 or 3 degree difference, we simply don't have time for that. All Keurig® brewers come preset at 192 degrees F and that suits us just fine. 

However, one common complaint about Keurig® brewing is that the coffee is not hot enough. But, as we stated above, it certainly is set to a very hot temperature so how could this be?

There are external factors that can bring that temperature down resulting in a cooler first sip and we have a solution for each:

  • Using a paper or foam cup will dramatically decrease the temperature (up to ten degrees) in a matter of minutes. Try doubling your cup creating a double wall and always use a lid if available (for the record, we do not condone this method as it is extremely wasteful, try a travel mug instead).
  • Using a cool ceramic mug will chill the coffee the second it hits this surface. Try running a water only brew cycle into the mug to warm the ceramic before brewing. 
  • A brewer that has sat idle or off for a period of time tends to produce a first cup that is below the 192 degree target. Try running a water only brew cycle first to warm the brewer. 
  • A mug with a very wide opening will cool much more quickly than a mug with smaller opening or optimally a lid.
  • Try using a mug warmer, they do a great job and are priced very moderately.

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Tip, to maintain very hot, very consistent temperature over a long period of time, my number one piece of advice is to use a stainless steel travel mug. But, do not pick any ol' cheapo, indulge and purchase a high quality version and I promise you and your coffee temperature will not regret it. By far I have found the Contigo brand to be the best, I am a proud owner along with all of my family members and friend who received them as Christmas gifts this year : )

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